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In this feature, you will find the list of albums released by Celine Dion (orderer by date), including in each one of them, information about the release, recording sessions, photo sessions, chart success, critical reception, editions, promos, singles and music videos. Note that the list only includes the official albums. Click on the albums´ covers.
...> General Information
The albums discography of Celine Dion consists by a large list of albums, being the first of them released in 1981. Between 1981 and 1987, Celine released French-language albums in Canada only. Her first English-language album, entitled "Unison" was issued in 1990 and has sold over three million copies worldwide. It was followed by her eponymous album in 1992, which became one of six of her albums to be certified Diamond in Canada. Celine´s popularity became well-established with her 1993 album, "The Colour Of My Love", which topped the charts in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, and sold 20 million copies around the world. Released in 1995, "D´eux" became the best-selling French-language album of all time, with sales of 10 million copies worldwide. "Falling Into You" and "Let´s Talk About Love" were major successes for Celine, both reaching number-one in many countries around the world, and becoming two of the best-selling albums of all time, with sales of over 32 and 31 million copies, respectively. In 1998, Celine released "These Are Special Times", which became the first holiday album by a female artist to sell over five million copies in Nielsen SoundScan history. Worldwide, it has sold over 12 million copies. A greatest hits compilation, "All The Way... A Decade Of Song" was issued in November 1999, topping the charts around the world, and selling over 17 million copies, globally, up to January 2002. In March 2002, Celine was presented with a special award in recognition of 15 million album and single sales in the United Kingdom. At the same time, after a two-year break, she returned to music with the album, "A New Day Has Come", which has sold over 12 million copies, worldwide. In March 2003, Celine received a special IFPI award to commemorate ten million copies sold of "Let´s Talk About Love" in Europe, as well as a second IFPI award in honor of 50 million albums sold in Europe. She is the only artist to have received these awards. On March 25, 2003 to coincide with the opening of Las Vegas residency show "A New Day...", Celine released "One Heart", which has sold over five million copies. During the five year run of "A New Day...", Celine did not release any English-language studio albums. The only exception was a concept album, "Miracle" in October 2004. Three months after its release, it has already sold more than two and a half million copies worldwide. In November 2007, Celine released "Taking Chances", which debuted at number-one in Canada with the biggest first week sales of 2007. It marked her eleventh number-one album in the SoundScan era, and her ninth to debut at the top position. It was certified Multi-Platinum, Platinum and Gold around the world, including four-times Platinum in Canada, and Platinum in the United States and United Kingdom. Celine is the best-selling Canadian artist in history, and second best-selling female artist of the Nielsen SoundScan era in the United States, with over 51.6 million albums sold. In Australia, she has sold over four million records. In 2004, after selling over 175 million albums worldwide, Celine was presented with the Chopard Diamond Award at the World Music Awards, for becoming the best-selling female artist of all time. In May 2007, Sony Music Entertainment announced that Celine has sold over 200 million albums, worldwide.
...> The List
Cover Title Release Date Label
Photobucket "La Voix Du Bon Dieu" November 9, 1981 Super Étoiles
Photobucket "Céline Dion Chante Noël" December 1981 Super Étoiles
Photobucket "Tellement J´ai D´amour..." September 7, 1982 Saisons
Photobucket "Les Chemins De Ma Maison" September 7, 1983 Saisons
Photobucket "Du Soleil Au Cœur" October 1983 Pathé Marconi/EMI
Photobucket "Chants Et Contes De Noël" December 5, 1983 Saisons
Photobucket "Mélanie" August 22, 1984 TBS
Photobucket "Les Plus Grands Succès De Céline Dion" September 17, 1984 TBS
Photobucket "Les Oiseaux Du Bonheur" 1984 Pathé Marconi/EMI
Photobucket "C´est Pour Toi" August 27, 1985 TBS
Photobucket "Céline Dion En Concert" December 1985 TBS
Photobucket "Les Chansons En Or" 1986 TBS
Photobucket "Incognito" April 2, 1987 CBS
Photobucket "The Best Of Celine Dion" 1988 Carrere
Photobucket "Unison" April 2, 1990 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Dion Chante Plamondon" November 4, 1991 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Celine Dion" March 31, 1992 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "The Colour Of My Love" November 9, 1993 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "À L´Olympia" November 14, 1994 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "D´eux" March 27, 1995 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Falling Into You" March 8, 1996 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Live À Paris" October 28, 1996 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Let´s Talk About Love" October 28, 1996 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "S´il Suffisait D´aimer" September 7, 1998 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "These Are Special Times" October 30, 1998 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Au Cœur Du Stade" August 27, 1999 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "All The Way... A Decade Of Song" November 12, 1999 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "The Collector´s Series, Volume One" October 20, 2000 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "A New Day Has Come" March 22, 2002 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "One Heart" March 24, 2003 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "1 Fille & 4 Types" October 13, 2003 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "A New Day... Live In Las Vegas" June 14, 2004 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Miracle" October 11, 2004 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "On Ne Change Pas" October 3, 2005 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "D´elles" May 18, 2007 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Taking Chances" November 7, 2007 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Complete Best" February 27, 2008 Epic/Sony
Photobucket "My Love: Essential Collection" October 24, 2008 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "Taking Chances World Tour - The Concert" April 29, 2010 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket "The Best Of Celine Dion & David Foster" October 22, 2012 Columbia, Epic
Photobucket ‎"Sans Attendre" November 2, 2012 Columbia, Epic
 photo Albumlittlecover432_zps86ec32cc.png ‎"Loved Me Back To Life" November 5, 2013 Columbia, Epic
 photo AlbumlittlecoverCeacutelineUneSeuleFoisLive20132_zps5bc96332.png "Céline... Une Seule Fois / Live 2013" May 16, 2014 Sony Music
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