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TV Series

In this feature, you will find everything about Celine Dion as actress. She made her first acting experience in 1990 in the miniseries titled "Des Fleurs Sur La Neige", wich was diffused on the SRC channel in Quebec, Canada. From "Des Fleurs Sur La Neige" and to the moment, Celine has not worked like actress in TV series or films.
"Des fleurs sur la neige" it´s a TV miniseries of four episodes (4 x 47 min) and an adaptation from the autobiographical novel of the same name, written by Elisa Trudel and published in 1985. It tells the true story of Elisa when she was 28. The miniseries was directed by Jean Lepage. Celine played the role of "Elisa". The cast also included Chantal Baril, Yannick Beaudoin, Charlotte Bernard, Danielle Bissonnette, Marie-Ève Boisvert, Yvon Bouchard, Emmanuel Charest, Marie Chariebois, Normand Chouinard, Sophie Clément and many others. It was shown in 1991 in Quebec, Canada.
...> The Miniseries
Celine Dion holds the leading part of the series, the young "Elisa Trudel": beaten and deceived physically and psychologically by her parents during sixteen years, raped by her father-in-law, this second child, of a family of ten, is removed from it thanks to the effective intervention of her school director. After a difficult period of adaptation in other houses, the brave teenager discovers bit by bit the outside world. Élisa leaves early the school to find a first work in a restaurant. Later, she finds her "charming prince", and manages to surpass herself not to reproduce the same errors on her own child.
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...> The Experience
The series start out in the courtroom, where Elisa´s case is being heard. The first broadcasting takes place in March, 1991 but it receives however a rather tepid reception, mainly because of the melodramatic side of its history. As for Celine, touched by the scenario, she invested all the work and the concentration necessary for the realization of this project, demonstrating that she was able to embody a person so different from her, and of giving her all the intensity wanted in her credibility. Proud of the result, Celine often reminds that she well intends to renew the experience and to make cinema in the future.
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...> The Shoting
The shooting was painful for Celine. At first, there was a fear of entering the skin of a person so pathetic, so threatened and wounded. Celine had to learn to walk the bent back, to keep lowered eyes, to speak in a low voice quite, to behave like a victim. There was as well, especially at the beginning, a certain hostility on behalf of the comedians taken out of the theater schools, who considered Celine as an intruder and who, till the end, refused to consider her as one of them. That helped Celine, in a way, to enter Élisa´s skin, so rejected and disdained by her circle of acquaintances. To play up to the end. To live really her hell. Celine turned many very violent scenes, morally but also physically. When it was necessary to cry, she really cried; when it was necessary to suffer, she suffered. After some days, Celine was really covered with overalls, she had the broken heart, she was afraid of everybody. But she liked the experience.
...> Theme Song
Besides playing in the series, Celine Dion performs as well the song entitled "Prenez-moi", the theme song of this miniseries. The song would be translated as "Take me" in English. It was never released. Footage from the recording sessions of the song was shown during an interview with Celine in 1991 on Radio-Canada channel in Quebec, Canada.
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