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Fan Club

In this feature, you will find information about the Celine Dion official fan club currently named, TeamCeline.
TeamCeline, also known as ÉquipeCéline (in French), is the name of the current official fan club of Celine Dion. Actually, is the official online VIP Club of Celine. It works through the Celine Dion official website, Since November 10, 2010 TeamCeline became a free comunity for all the fans. According to them, Celine wanted to include as many people as possible into the TeamCeline community and they were able to offer membership to TeamCeline at no cost. Thanks to new technology, they were able to develop and maintain the new website at a significantly reduced cost. The new and existing members had to sign-up with a new username and password.
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Joining the new TeamCeline, fans can create a free account on and automatically become a member of TeamCeline. The membership offers to the members many benefits as exclusive ticket offers; discounts on all merchandise at the online Boutique; exclusive content and promotions available only for TeamCeline members; a profile that the member can personalize and a member blog; the ability to comment on news, photos, videos and songs; the ability to upload photos; and access to forums to discuss all things Celine with other community members. Also, the members can link their TeamCeline accounts with Facebook and Twitter and share their activities within the VIP Club with all their friends.
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TeamCeline was a members-only VIP Club offering Celine fans a valuable cachet of special privileges for those who want to be on the inside track when it comes to Celine and her activities. There were a limit of two TeamCeline concert tickets or packages per member per year. Members registration constituted acceptance of their terms and conditions. Since November 10, 2010 TeamCeline became a free comunity for all the fans.
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Create a free account on and automatically become a member of TeamCeline. A membership offers you many benefits. Click here.
The original and official fan club of Celine, simply called "Fan Club Céline Dion" and only in French, was founded by her sister Pauline Dion, back in the 80´s and based in Repentigny, Quebec, Canada. The fan club, with most of its members from Quebec (and then with other members from the rest of Canada and also USA), organized events for the fans as contests and meetings with Celine. According to a fan named Maryeve, who became member of the "Fan Club Céline Dion" in 1981, she was the thirty-fifth fan to enroll. The fan club started to publish a magazine with exclusive stuff from Celine in 1991.
Small at first, the fan club has grown over time until in 1994 it changed its name to "Fan Club International de Céline Dion" and a new logo was made. They continued publishing their magazine.
After a short time, the fan club became into the well known "Celine Dion International Fan Club" (also knows as CDIFC for short). They started to work also in English, as a lot of people from all around the world became members, and the fan club moved its base to Ontario, Canada. Again, a new logo was made. They had a telephone number which members could call to get updates on everything that was happening on Celine´s life and career. The members of the CDIFC received an exclusive membership card and the ability to take part in some exclusives benefits. Members could also receive newsletters, autographed memorabilia, merchandise catalogues and more. The fan club continued publishing their magazine "Céline Dion Magazine" (every three months in French and English) until 2005.
With the exclusive membership cards, the fans had access to the different benefits from the CDIFC. They created two different membership cards, both with expiration date. The simple one and a gold membership card for more exclusive benefits as ticket offers, discounts and promotions.
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The CDIFC grew too big so it was handed over to Sony Music. The fan club was renamed as TeamCeline (and ÉquipeCéline in French) in the early ´00s. Celine´s sister Pauline managed the CDIFC (helped by other people), until Sony Music took over and the fan club merged as the official online VIP Club of Celine in 2001 (TeamCeline). Unfortunately the "Céline Dion Magazine" ceased publication in 2005, although it was never part of TeamCeline. According to a fan named Dawn (in a thank you message to Pauline Dion), the CDIFC was one of the most magical experiences. Pauline had a way of making members all feel “Loved”. The attention she gave to members was so loving, so caring, so open, so considerate, so generous and such good fun. The fan club had all the qualities of her family and of Celine.
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