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Les Plus Grands Succès De Céline Dion [ album ]

"Les Plus Grands Succès De Céline Dion" (meaning "Celine Dion´s Greatest Hits") is a French greatest hits album by Celine Dion, released in Quebec, Canada on September 17, 1984. It is her 8th French album and 1st greatest hits.
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On September 17, 1984 in the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine, Celine launched "Les Plus Grands Succès De Céline Dion". It was sold in the Steinberg´s supermarkets and part of the profits benefited the Quebec Cystic Fibrosis Association. The album did not include any new songs. None of "Mélanie" songs was included either. "Les Plus Grands Succès De Céline Dion" contained all Celine´s earlier singles, except "L´amour viendra". The album has sold 50,000 copies.
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1. "Ce n´était qu´un rêve"
2. "La voix du bon Dieu"
3. "Tellement j´ai d'amour pour toi"
4. "D'amour ou d´amitié"
5. "Glory Alleluia"
6. "Mon ami m´a quittée"
7. "Ne me plaignez pas"
8. "Un enfant"
9. "Vivre et donner"
10. "Les chemins de ma maison"
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