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Les Chemins De Ma Maison [ album ]

"Les Chemins De Ma Maison" (meaning "The Paths Of My House") is a French studio album by Celine Dion, released in Quebec, Canada on September 7, 1983. It´s her 4th French album..
...> About The Album
The album got gold certification in Canada and has sold 100,000 copies. It received a Félix Award for the Best Selling Album of the Year. The first single "Mon ami m´a quittée" topped the Quebec charts for nine weeks. "Ne me plaignez pas" (second single) is an adaptation of "Please don´t sympathise" originally recorded by Sheena Easton. Eddy Marnay wrote French lyrics for this track. In October 1983, Celine released her first album in France, called "Du Soleil Au Cœur", with the same cover picture as "Les Chemins De Ma Maison". It also contained six songs from the latter.
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...> Track Listing
1. "Mon ami m´a quittée"
2. "Toi sur la montagne"
3. "Ne me plaignez pas"
4. "Vivre et donner"
5. "Mamy Blue"
6. "Du soleil au cœur"
7. "Et puis un jour"
8. "Hello mister Sam"
9. "La dodo la do"
10. "Les chemins de ma maison"
...> Recording Sessions
"Les Chemins De Ma Maison" was produced and recorded with greater technical and financial resources. There was a full orchestra conducted by Alain Noreau, with woodwinds, strings, backup singers and sophisticated arrangements. In early June 1983, five songs were recorded at the Saint Charles Studio in the Montreal suburb of Longueuil, in Quebec, Canada. Five more songs were committed to vinyl at the end of the month at the Montmartre Studios in Paris, France in the middle of a heat wave. Pathe-Marconi´s PR people invited journalists to the recording sessions. Footage from the recording sessions of "Les Chemins De Ma Maison" with Celine at the studio along with her manager Rene Angelil and Eddy Marnay, was shown on several TV documentaries about Celine, in the 90s.
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...> Title And Cover
The album´s name was chosen after the song of the same name "Les chemins de ma maison" (meaning "The paths of my house" or "The roads that lead to my house"), wich was written by French songwriter, Eddy Marnay. "Celine and I were one. We lived through each other and for each other. She knew I was observing her. She was like a model posing for a painter: fully trusting, completely honest, obedient and attentive. Her sense of trust was magnificent. She was sure of herself, her talent and her strength", remembered Marnay. On the record jacket, Marnay wrote: "This is a precious album, Celine. It´s the last memory of your childhood that you´ll leave with us. From now on, you´ll be singing of your life as a woman. May that life be full of the same music and the same magic". According to Celine, Marnay told her "Your next album is in my head. It will be the last trace of your childhood, the childhood which you are leaving. After that, you´ll be singing about the life of a woman".
Cover Edition/Title Description
Photobucket Vinyl LP Edition -----
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...> "Mon ami m´a quittée"
"Mon ami m´a quittée" (meaning "My boyfriend left me") is the first single from the album "Les Chemins De Ma Maison". It was released in September 1983 in Quebec, Canada, and later in France and Belgium.
The song was very successful in Quebec. On October 8, 1983 it entered the singles chart and became number 1 for nine weeks. It spent twenty four weeks on the chart in total. Celine received also 2 Félix Awards the next year. "Mon ami m´a quittée" was released later as a single in France to promote Celine´s first album in that country, "Du Soleil Au Cœur". Celine recorded also a German version of this song called "Mon ami, geh nicht fort". It was included as B-side on "Was bedeute ich dir" single, released in Germany in 1984. "Mon ami m´a quittée" was released also as a single in the Netherlands in 1997 by BR Music to promote the "C´est Pour Toi" compilation. In 2005, the song became a part of Celine´s official French best of album "On Ne Change Pas".
Cover Description Track Listing
Photobucket Vinyl single released in France on September 1983. 1. "Mon ami m´a quittée"; 2. "Ne me plaignez pas"
Photobucket Vinyl single released in France and Belgium on September 1983. 1. "Mon ami m´a quittée"; 2. "La do do la do"
Photobucket Vinyl single released in Canada on September 1983. 1. "Mon ami m´a quittée"; 2. "Et puis en jour"
Photobucket Vinyl single released in Canada on September 1983. 1. "Mon ami m´a quittée"; 2. "Vivre et donner"
...> "Ne me plaignez pas"
"Ne me plaignez pas" is the second single from the album "Les Chemins De Ma Maison". It was released in 1984 in Quebec, Canada.
"Ne me plaignez pas" is a French adaptation of "Please don´t sympathise", originally recorded by Sheena Easton (in 1981) and composed by Steve Thompson. In 1990, Celine covered another Sheena Easton´s song, called "The last to know". Celine recorded also an extended version of "Ne me plaignez pas", which appeared on her album "Du Soleil Au Cœur" released in France. The vinyl single contains: "Ne me plaignez pas" and "Vivre et donner".
...> "Mon ami m´a quittée"
A pseudo music video was made in 1984, for the "Sur Les Chemins De Ma Maison" TV special aired in Quebec, Canada.
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...> "Ne me plaignez pas"
A pseudo music video was made in 1984, for the "Sur Les Chemins De Ma Maison" TV special aired in Quebec, Canada.
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