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Tellement J´ai D´amour... [ album ]

"Tellement J´ai D´amour..." (meaning "I Have So Much Love...") is a French studio album by Celine Dion, released in Quebec, Canada on September 7, 1982. It´s her 3rd French album.
...> About The Album
The album became Celine´s first commercial success. It was certified platinum in Canada and has sold 150,000 copies. Thanks to "Tellement J´ai D´amour...", Celine won her first four Félix Awards, including Best Pop Album of the Year. With the first single "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi" (number 3 in Quebec), Celine won a Gold Medal for the Best Song at the Yamaha Music Festival in Tokyo, Japan. The second single "D´amour ou d´amitié" was a hit, reaching number 1 in Quebec and receiving gold certification for the sales of 50,000 copies. "Tellement J´ai D´amour..." includes also "Le piano fantôme" written by Luc Plamondon (Celine´s later collaborator) and "La voix du bon dieu", the title track from her debut album, recorded this time with the entire Dion family on background vocals. Thanks to "D´amour ou d´amitié" success in France, where it also received gold certification and has sold 700,000 copies (Celine was the first Canadian artist to accomplish that), Celine could finally release her first album in this country. It was named "Du Soleil Au Cœur" and contained three songs from "Tellement J´ai D´amour..." ("D´amour ou d´amitié", "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi" and "Le vieux monsieur de la rue Royale").
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...> Track Listing
1. "D´amour ou d´amitié"
2. "Le piano fantôme"
3. "Tu restes avec moi"
4. "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi"
5. "Écoutez-moi"
6. "Le tour du monde"
7. "Visa pour les beaux jours"
8. "La voix du bon Dieu" [ ft. Dion family ]
9. "Le vieux monsieur de la rue Royale"
...> Recording Sessions
During the summer of 1982, Celine Dion traveled to Paris, France where she first recorded three songs from her new album, "Tellement J´ai D´amour...". At that time, Celine was completely at ease and sure of herself in a recording studio. At the Family Sound Studio in Paris, Celine recorded "D´amour ou d´amitié". Next came "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi", the heart-felt confession of a teenage girl to her mother. More than a dozen people crowded into the studio to watch her sing. "Do you want us to leave you alone?" Rene Angelil (Celine´s manager) asked. But Celine preferred to sing in front of an audience: Rene and Anne-Renee (Rene´s wife), Eddy Marnay and Mia (Marnay´s wife), composer Hubert Giraud, arranger Guy Matteoni, Guy and Dodo, the technicians and the record company people. She stood in the middle of the studio, eyes on the control room. In reference to the recording sessions, Celine has said "the Family Song Studio was very small, but always filled to bursting, like the Saint-Charles Studio in Montreal. The musicians who´d made the orchestra tracks were there, as were the arranger and the composer. People from Pathe-Marconi were there, and sometimes a photographer, and friends of Eddy or Mia, French people, Quebecois passing through Paris, a lot of people who apparently didn´t have anything to do at this studio. I was preparing the recording of Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi, a very intimate song. But the presence of all these people didn´t bother me at all. In fact, it reassured me, stimulated me. I stood right in the middle of the studio. I looked in the crowd for the face of my mother, pressed against the booth window, and I sang for her" (from an extract of the book "My Story, My Dream"). Another part of the album was recorded at the Studio Saint-Charles in Longueuil, a city in the province of Quebec, Canada.
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Cover Edition/Title Description
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...> "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi"
"Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi" (meaning "I have so much love for you") is the first single from the album "Tellement J´ai D´amour...". It was released in December 1982 in Quebec, Canada.
On October 31, 1982, with this track Celine won a Gold Medal for Best Song at the Yamaha World Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan and the Yamaha Symphony Orchestra Award for Best Artist. Celine performed "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi" in front of 115 millions of TV viewers and 12,000 in the audience. There were 1907 contestants and 30 finalists. Celine received also 4 Félix Awards the following year and one of them in category: Quebec Artist Achieving the Most Success Outside the Province of Quebec. The single was a hit in Quebec. It entered the chart on December 25, 1982, peaking at number 3. "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi" re-entered the chart on October 22, 1983 and stayed there through January 14, 1984, peaking this time at number 17. It spent forty four weeks on the chart. The B-side of that release was another album track called "Ecoutez-moi". "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi" appeared on Celine´s 2005 French best of album "On Ne Change Pas". The vinyl single includes: "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi" and "Ecoutez-moi".
...> "D´amour ou d´amitié"
"D´amour ou d´amitié" (meaning "Love or friendship"), is the second single from the album "Tellement J´ai D´amour...". It was released in April 1983 in Quebec, Canada. In France, it was released in December 1982.
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On January 24, 1983, Celine was chosen to represent Canada with "D´amour ou d´amitié", as revelation of the year at the MIDEM in Cannes. The song became a hit in Quebec where it entered the chart on May 7, 1983 and topped it for four weeks, spending forty weeks on the chart in total. "D´amour ou d´amitié" was certified gold for selling over 50,000 copies in Canada. Celine received also 4 Félix Awards at that time. "D´amour ou d´amitié" was also released as a single in France. It was Celine´s second single in this country after "Ce n´était qu´un rêve" in 1982. The song became a hit there too, reaching number 10 on the singles chart. On September 1, 1983 Celine became the first Canadian to receive a gold certification in France with her song "D´amour ou d´amitié", which has sold more than 700,000 copies. Following this success, Celine released her first album in France, named "Du Soleil Au Cœur". Because of big success of "D´amour ou d´amitié", Celine recorded its German version called "Was bedeute ich dir". It was released as a single in that country in 1984, backed with "Mon ami, geh nicht fort", German version of "Mon ami m´a quittée", as a B-side. "D´amour ou d´amitié" became a part of Celine´s 2005 French greatest hits album "On Ne Change Pas".
Cover Description Track Listing
Photobucket Vinyl single released in Belgium on April 1983. 1. "D´amour ou d´amitié"; 2. "Visa pour les beaux jours"
Photobucket Vinyl single released in France on April 1983. 1. "D´amour ou d´amitié"; 2. "Visa pour les beaux jours"
Photobucket Vinyl single released in France on April 1983. 1. "D´amour ou d´amitié"; 2. "Visa pour les beaux jours"; 3. "Ce n´était qu´un rêve"; 4. "L´amour viendra"
Photobucket Vinyl single released in Canada on April 1983. 1. "D´amour ou d´amitié"; 2. "Le vieux monsieur de la rue Royale"
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