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Complete Best [ album ]

"Complete Best" is a greatest hits album by Celine Dion, released on February 27, 2008 only in Japan. It´s her 14th English language album and 36th in total. On July 22, 2009 the album was reissued in Blu-spec CD format also in Japan.
...> About The Album
"Complete Best" was released few days before Celine´s concerts in Japan, which were a part of the "Taking Chances Tour". It contains one new track "A world to believe in" (U.S.A. mix), recorded as an English-Japanese duet with Yuna Ito, which wasn´t available on Celine´s previous album. The album "Taking Chances" includes an English version of that song, performed by Celine alone. "A world to believe in" was released as a single in January 2008 and peaked at number 8 on the Oricon Singles Chart. It was Celine´s first appearance on that chart, since "To love you more" (dance mixes) entered it in April 1999. "Complete Best" also includes "To love you more", which was originally released in October 1995 and became Celine´s biggest hit in Japan, topping the singles chart for 4 weeks and selling almost 1.3 million copies. It contains also two others Japan only released singles: "The power of the dream" and "Be the man". In the rest of the world, a greatest hits album called "My Love: Essential Collection" was released in October 2008 instead. On same day of the release of "Complete Best", was released "Ultimate Box", a two CD and three DVD box set edition, also only in Japan. The limited edition box set contains two CD albums: "Taking Chances" and "Complete Best", and three DVDs: "Live In Las Vegas - A New Day...", Video Collections ("All The Way… A Decade Of Song & Video" with six additional videos) and "Taking Chances: Recording Sessions". Sony Music Entertainment Japan released also two other albums on February 27, 2008: "D´elles" and "A New Day Has Come" collector´s edition, bringing it to four releases on one day. By late 2008, the edition titled "Ultimate Box" became increasingly hard to find and is now a rare item due to the limited availability.
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...> Track Listing
1. "A world to believe in" [ U.S.A. mix ] [ ft. Yuna Ito ]
2. "My heart will go on"
3. "To love you more"
4. "The power of love"
5. "Beauty and the beast" [ ft. Peabo Bryson ]
6. "Because you loved me"
7. "It´s all coming back to me now"
8. "Be the man"
9. "I´m your angel" [ ft. R. Kelly ]
10. "Where does my heart beat now"
11. "The power of the dream"
12. "When I fall in love"
13. "That´s the way it is"
14. "A new day has come" [ radio remix ]
15. "I´m alive"
16. "I drove all night"
17. "Taking chances"
...> Chart Success
The album was certified gold in March 2008 and has sold 173,100 copies during 2008 in Japan. It debuted at number 3 on the Oricon Albums Chart with 34,223 copies sold. "Complete Best" is Celine´s second best position on this chart, after "All The Way… A Decade Of Song". The album reached also number 1 on the Oricon Daily Chart. However, it went down to number 6 on the weekly chart in its second week, selling 27,281 copies. The following week, right after the Japanese leg of the "Taking Chances Tour", the album "Complete Best" jumped from number 6 to number 4 with 34,724 sold. The album topped also the Oricon International Albums Chart for 6 consecutive weeks. And about the special limited edition titled "Ultimate Box", as very expensive, debuted at number 169 on the Oricon Albums Chart, selling 1,103 copies. It fell off the chart the next week, but re-entered it one week later at number 109 with 1,731 copies sold.
Cover Edition/Title Description
Photobucket Exclusive Limited Edition 2008 Japanese-only 17-track limited edition promo sample CD album, issued to radio stations and reviewers ahead of the actual release. The album was only available for a month on release. Custom stamped inner rim on the disc and unique stickered back insert, complete with picture sleeve plus obi-strip.
Photobucket Blu-Spec CD Edition 2009 Japanese exclusive limited edition 17-track Blu-Spec CD album [a new audio CD format using Blu-Ray technology, playable on all CD players], originally released in 2008, sealed picture sleeve with Japanese/English lyric booklet plus obi strip.
Photobucket Promotional Edition -----
Photobucket "Ultimate Box" Edition Released on February 27, 2008 only in Japan, it contains two CD albums: "Taking Chances" and "Complete Best" and three DVDs: "Live In Las Vegas - A New Day...", Video Collections ("All The Way… A Decade Of Song & Video" with six additional videos) and "Taking Chances: Recording Sessions", superbly presented in hardback digibook-style fold-out sleeve with 2 picture and lyric booklets, housed in deluxe box in stickered re-sealable bag.
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