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À L´Olympia [ album ]

"À L´Olympia" (meaning "At the Olympia") is a live album by Celine Dion, released on November 14, 1994. It´s her 2nd live album, 16th French album and 19th in total.
...> About The Album
The album was recorded on September 28 and 29, 1994, during two sold-out concerts at the Olympia theatre in Paris, France. Among songs from singer´s previous French album "Dion Chante Plamondon", Celine performed also "Calling you" (Academy Award nominated song from "Bagdad Café"), "Quand on n´a que l´amour" (originally by Jacques Brel), and a medley of songs from the "Starmania" musical, including two songs unavailable on Celine previous releases: "Quand on arrive en ville" and "Naziland, ce soir on danse". The full English version of that song called "Tonight we dance (Extravagance!)" was recorded by Celine and included on the "Tycoon" compilation in 1992. Although "À L´Olympia" was unavailable in most important music markets (United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia), the B-sides of English singles released there in 1995 and 1996 included tracks from that album. The video with this concert was never released. "Quand on n´a que l´amour", "Elle" and "Medley Starmania" were included on Celine´s 2005 French compilation "On Ne Change Pas". Shows at the Olympia theatre were a part of "The Colour Of My Love Tour". "I was waiting this moment for long time, for 10 years in fact... When I was 16 years old I came and sang three songs in first part on this stage; it was my dream which at last came true", said Celine about performing at the Paris Olympia for the first time.
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...> Track Listing
1. "Des mots qui sonnent" [ live ]
2. "Where does my heart beat now" [ live ]
3. "L´amour existe encore" [ live ]
4. "Je danse dans ma tête" [ live ]
5. "Calling you" [ live ]
6. "Elle" [ live ]
7. Medley Starmania:
..."Quand on arrive en ville" [ live ]
..."Les uns contre les autres" [ live ]
..."Le monde est stone" [ live ]
..."Naziland, ce soir on danse" [ live ]
8. "Le blues du businessman" [ live ]
9. "Le fils de Superman" [ live ]
10. "Love can move mountains" [ live ]
11. "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)" [ live ]
12. "The power of love" [ live ]
13. "Quand on n´a que l´amour" [ live ]
...> Chart Success
The album has sold over 2 million copies worldwide, including 1 million in Europe alone. "À L´Olympia" has sold 200,000 copies in Canada and was certified platinum. It was also certified platinum in France. The album peaked at number 10 in France and number 31 in Canada, as Quebec sales did not factor into the Canadian Albums chart at that time. On the Belgian Wallonia chart, which is available only since April 1995, "À L´Olympia" reached number 19.
...> Critical Reception
Jose F. Promis from Allmusic said that "the material sounds great live" and Celine´s "voice as always a technical marvel".
Cover Edition/Title Description
Photobucket Korean Edition -----
Photobucket Korean Casette Edition -----
Photobucket Taiwanese Edition 1994 Taiwanese CD album featuring 13 live recordings, picture sleeve plus unique wrap around obi-strip.
Photobucket Taiwanese Limited Edition 1994 Taiwanese issue 13-track CD album with picture sleeve plus obi-strip.
Photobucket Cassette Edition -----
Photobucket Collection Edition 2CDs Includes "Au Coeur Du Stade" CD and "A L´Olympia" CD in a special set packaged in two standard jewel cases and housed in a clamshell box. Released by Columbia in 2003.
Photobucket French Collection Edition 2CDs Includes "Au Coeur Du Stade" CD and "A L´Olympia" CD in a special box set.
Photobucket Rare 3CDs Box Set Includes "Des Mots Qui Sonnet" CD, "Celine Dion" CD and "A L´Olympia" CD in a special box set.
...> "Calling you"
"Calling you" is the only single from "À L´Olympia" live album, released on December 19, 1994 in France.
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Celine´s version is a live recording from her concert at the Olympia theatre in Paris, France. No music video was made for the song. Celine has performed the song before. A live performance of "Calling you" can be found on Celine´s home video made in 1991, called "Unison". Other live versions of the song were featured on the "Unison" VHS (1991) and the "Live À Paris" DVD (1996). The song was included as B-side on Celine´s next worldwide issued single "Only one road". "Calling you" peaked at number 75 in France. In 2007, Celine´s version of "Calling you" was the musical accompaniment to an Emmy Award-winning routine by choreographer Mia Michaels for the dance competition reality show "So You Think You Can Dance".
Cover Description Track Listing
Photobucket CD single released in France on December 19, 1994. 1. "Calling you" [ live ]; 2. "Le fils de Superman" [ live ]
Photobucket Vinyl single released in France on December 19, 1994. 1. "Calling you" [ live ]; 2. "Le fils de Superman" [ live ]
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