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Céline Dion En Concert [ album ]

"Céline Dion En Concert" (meaning "Celine Dion In Concert") is a French live album by Celine Dion, released in Quebec, Canada in December 1985. It´s her 11th French album and 1st live recording.
...> About The Album
The album was recorded during sold out concert at the Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada on May 31, 1985, which was a part of the "C´est Pour Toi Tournée". Celine performed 36 concerts in 25 Quebec cities during that tour. She sang also three English songs: Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes' "Up where we belong", Judy Garland´s "Over the rainbow" and Irene Cara´s "What a feeling". The Canadian 1985 TV special included several different songs than were on the album, such as "Avec toi", "Amoureuse", "C´est pour toi" and "Mamy blue". There were no singles issued to promote this album, which also included "Carmen (L´amour est enfant de bohême)" and homages to Félix Leclerc and Michel Legrand. The album has sold 50,000 copies. During the "Falling Into You Tour" in 1996-97, Celine recalls how she used to sing "What a feeling" when she was a little girl. She didn´t know English that well at the moment and had to learn some of the lyrics phonetically. It can find that speech on the "Live In Memphis" home video. In 2003, Celine recorded one of the songs from "Céline Dion En Concert", called "Quand on s´aime" as a duet with René Simard, which appeared on his album "Hier... Encore".
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...> Track Listing
1. "Ouverture (la première fois)"
2. "Mon ami m´a quittée"
3. Hommage à Félix Leclerc:
..."Le p´tit bonheur"
..."Moi, mes souliers"
..."Attends-moi ti-gras"
..."Le train du nord"
4. "Up where we belong" [ ft. Paul Baillargeon ]
5. "Tellement j´ai d´amour pour toi"
6. "D´amour ou d´amitié"
7. "Over the rainbow"
8. Hommage à Michel Legrand: [ ft. Paul Baillargeon ]
..."Quand on s´aime"
..."Brule pas tes doights"
..."La valse du lilas"
..."Quand ça balance"
..."Les moulins de mon cœur"
9. "Carmen (L´amour est enfant de bohême)"
10. "What a feeling"
11. "Une colombe"
12. "Les chemins de ma maison"
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