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Les Chansons En Or [ album ]

"Les Chansons En Or" (meaning "The Golden Songs") is a French greatest hits album by Celine Dion, released in Quebec, Canada in 1986. It´s her 12th French album and 2nd greatest hits.
...> About The Album
Celine was very hardworking during the past 5 years. She had recorded 9 albums for the Canadian market (5 regular releases, 2 Christmas albums, 1 live recording, and 1 greatest hits). She had also released 2 compilations in France. Celine got gold and platinum certifications for her albums and singles and received 11 Félix Awards and 2 Yamaha Music Festival Awards. It was about time to sum up those achievements and that´s how "Les Chansons En Or" was born. "Les Chansons En Or" features Celine´s biggest success, including her very first song, "Ce n´était qu´un rêve". In addition to these 10 hits, the greatest hits album includes a brand new song, "Fais ce que tu voudras". The album was promoted with this new song, which reached number 36 on the Quebec chart. Celine did her first real French music video for that single. Her first real commercial music video ever was for an English song called "Listen to the magic man" in 1985. It was Celine´s first movie song as well as her first English song recorded in the studio. This greatest hits album was Celine´s first album released on a CD. The album has sold 150,000 copies.
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...> Track Listing
1. "Ce n´était qu´un rêve"
2. "La voix du bon Dieu"
3. "D´amour ou d´amitié"
4. "Mon ami m´a quittée"
5. "Les chemins de ma maison"
6. "Mon rêve de toujours"
7. "Mélanie"
8. "Une colombe"
9. "C´est pour toi"
10. "Fais ce que tu voudras"
Cover Edition/Title Description
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...> "Fais ce que tu voudras"
"Fais ce que tu voudras" (meaning "Do what thou wilt") was written by Quebec´s composer René Grignon and French lyricist Eddy Marnay. It is the first and only single from the greatest hits album "Les Chansons En Or". It was released in June 1986 in Quebec, Canada. On June 14, 1986 this melancholic ballad entered the Quebec Singles Chart and peaked at number 36, spending twelve weeks on the chart. The B-side included "Tu es là", which was taken from the album "C´est Pour Toi". The title alludes to the proverb coined by French renaissance writer François Rabelais, which has later become a main tenet of the modern-day thelemic occult movement in the English version by Aleister Crowley, "Do what thou wilt".
...> "Fais ce que tu voudras"
Celine created her first real French-language music video for this single in 1986, taped in Germany. It was directed by François Girard and featured Celine at a train station. This music video can be found on Celine´s DVD called "On Ne Change Pas" (2005). It was her second real music video after her first English-language song "Listen to the magic man".
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