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Celine Through The World is a website that has been made dedicated to the world´s best selling female artist of all time. Here down you will find all the stuff from the section you selected. If you are searching for something in particular, go and search it through the "search bar" in the bottom of the left column.


In this feature, you will find the list of promo discs and cassettes released by Celine Dion (ordered by date), including the information about the release, editions and more. Click on the promos´ covers. For more details about the promos related with Celine´s official albums, please refer to each album´s section.
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Cover Title Release Date Label
Photobucket "Celebration" 1992 Sony Music, Eatons
Photobucket "Voice of love" 1993 Sony Music
Photobucket "Live in het Olympia theater - De hoogtepunten" 1994 Columbia
Photobucket "The power of Celine Dion" 1994 Epic
Photobucket "Unique 5 track sampler" 1996 Columbia
Photobucket "The collection" 1996 Sony Music
Photobucket "At the movies EP" 1997 Sony Music
Photobucket "Love, Celine" 1997 Sony Music, Avon
Photobucket "The power of Celine" 1997 Sony Music, Epic
Photobucket "On tour" 1998 Sony Music, Avon
Photobucket "A special radio event" 1999 Network 40, SJS Entertainment, Epic
Photobucket "Diva Las Vegas" 2002 Epic
Photobucket "5 najwiekszych przebojów" 2002 Sony Music
Photobucket "TeamCeline / ÉquipeCeline" 2002 TeamCeline
Photobucket "The voice of Chrysler" 2003 Sony Music, Epic
Photobucket "Live to love" 2003 Sony Music, Coty Beauty
Photobucket "Notes" 2003 Sony Music, Coty Beauty
Photobucket "I drove all night" 2003 Chrysler
Photobucket "Celine" 2003 Sony Music
Photobucket "Belong" 2005 Sony Music, Coty Beauty
Photobucket "Belong sparkling edition" 2005 Sony Music, Coty Beauty
Photobucket "Enchanting"  2006 Sony Music, Coty Beauty
Photobucket "Featured live recordings"  2009 Sony Music 
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