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Events [ 1983 ] September

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On September 7, 1983 the TV personality Michel Jasmin presented Celine Dion with two gold records: the first was for sales of 100,000 copies in Canada of "Tellement J´ai D´amour...", the other was for sales of 500,000 copies of the song "D´amour ou d´amitié" in both France and Quebec, Canada. On that same day, the album "Les Chemins De Ma Maison" was released simultaneously in Paris, France and in Montreal, Canada. Celine gave a press conference in Montreal, Canada in ocation to receive a recognition for the album sales of "Tellement J´ai D´amour..." (golden disc). Celine received the award by Deniys Bergearon, from Trans-Canada discs. Celine´s parents and her manager, Rene Angelil also were there. She was photographed with her parents Thérèse and Adhémar Dion, Serge Laprade and her manager Rene Angelil and his wife Anne-Renée.
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On September 22, 1983 Celine Dion appeared on interview during the broadcast of a segment tittled "Who is this young aspiring star?" commented by reporter, Tom Kennedy aired on the TV show "The National" on CBC channel in Canada. This is Celine´s first English interview. She talked about her dreams as a singer.
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In September 1983 and in ocation of the release of the album "Les Chemins De Ma Maison" by Celine Dion, she gave a press conference in Montreal, Canada with her manager, Rene Angelil to talk about the new album. She also took time to sign autographs for her fans.
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