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Celine Through The World is a website that has been made dedicated to the world´s best selling female artist of all time. Here down you will find all the stuff from the section you selected. If you are searching for something in particular, go and search it through the "search bar" in the bottom of the left column.


In this feature, you will find the list of the authorized books about Celine Dion (ordered by date), including in each one of them, information about the publishing, content, writer, editions and a preview of the pages. Note that the list does not includes songbooks and unauthorized books. Click on the books´ covers. 
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Cover Title Release Date Author
Photobucket "La Naissance D´une Étoile" 1983 Marc Chantelle
Photobucket "Celine" / "Celine: The Authorized Biography" December 1997 Georges-Hebert Germain
Photobucket "Tour De Force" August 1998 Georges-Hebert Germain
Photobucket "Ma Vie, Mon Rêve" / "My Story, My Dream" December 22, 2000 Celine Dion, Georges-Hebert Germain, Bruce Benderson
Photobucket "1 Fille & 4 Types - Livret Collector" 2003 Rémi Bouet, Yannick Saillet
Photobucket "For Keeps" / "Pour Toujours" October 2005 Jenna Glatzer
Photobucket "12 Heroes Among Us" / "12 Héros Parmi Nous" August 14, 2008 -----
Photobucket "L´énigmatique Céline Dion" April 16, 2009 Denise Bombardier
Photobucket "Céline Autour Du Monde" September 24, 2009 Gérard Schachmes
Photobucket "Au-Delà De L´image" / "Beyond The Image" October 20, 2010 Diane Massicotte, Laurent Cayla
Photobucket "Une Fille, Un Coeur, Une Voix" November 2, 2011 Ariane  Schwab
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