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L´énigmatique Céline Dion [ book ]

"L´énigmatique Céline Dion" is an authorized biography book in French about Celine Dion, written by Denise Bombardier and published on April 16, 2009 by XO Éditions.
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Celine Dion has long been one of the world´s most admired performers. Her unique blend of brilliant talent and an unstinting willingness to share her life has defined her career in the public eye. With new interviews and special memorabilia, "For Keeps" will invite her fans to get to know the professional and personal parts of her life as never before. Celine is a very special collection: a combination of memoir, personal scrapbook, and looking glass into one of the world´s most admired lives. Drawing heavily from Celine´s personal archives and those of her husband and longtime manager, Rene Angelil, this book focuses on the key elements of her life, including her family, career, inspirations, courtship and marriage to Rene, show business hiatus, son Rene-Charles, and plans for the future-everything that makes her who she is. Produced in the successful and stylish format of "The Sinatra Treasures", each of Celine´s chapters will include removable facsimiles of favorite mementos, stored in vellum envelopes. Everything from Celine and Rene´s love notes and family photos to special letters and her wedding program can be examined and admired in detail. This is a remarkable opportunity to share in the unique and vital life and career of Celine. The French-Canadian author, Georges-Hebert Germain (who has already wrote on Celine on the authorized biography titled "Celine", "Celine: The Authorized Biography" and on "Ma Vie, Mon Rêve") has collaborated with Jenna Glatzer for translation on the French version titled "Pour Toujours" (meaning "Forever"), as well as complementing the French edition with his own contributions. This book features over 200 photographs, over 40,000 words, beautifully bound in this colourful collection, chronicling each significant passage of Celine´s life so far. An amazing story of a how a child from simple beginnings, now a mother and wife at the pinnacle of her career, still has the sensibility of that simple child. The book (hardcover) contains 238 pages.
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Denise Bombardier, CQ (born on January 18, 1941 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is an esteemed yet controversial journalist, novelist, essayist, producer, and media personality who worked for the French-language television station Radio-Canada for over 30 years. Bombardier is noted for her standard French, in particular her educated, European-norm pronunciation. She is a defender of the international Francophonie and has often been invited by Bernard Pivot to discuss the psyche of the French and the situation of the French language in France. Despite her established reputation for clear writing and outstanding reporting, she has been accused of displaying certain contradictions between her professional ethics and her purported personal values. In 2007, Denise Bombardier wrote the song "La diva" for Celine Dion, included on the album "D´elles". She also followed Celine Dion during all of her "Taking Chances World Tour" as research for the book "L´énigmatique Céline Dion".
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