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Celine [ book ]

"Celine" is an authorized biography book in French about Celine Dion, written by Georges-Hebert Germain and published in December 1997 in in Quebec, Canada by Libre Expression. Its English version, titled "Celine: The Authorized Biography", also written by Germain, was published on September 1, 1998 by Dundurn Press.
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...> About The Book
"Celine: The Authorized Biography", was originally published by Libre Expression in Quebec, Canada (in French) in December 1997 and under the name "Celine". The French version sold more than 120,000 copies in Quebec alone. Then, it was also published in France by Pocket under the name "Celine: La Biographie Officielle". The English version titled "Celine: The Authorized Biography", was translated by David Homel and Fred Reed. "Celine" or "Celine: The Authorized Biography" (released in paperback) is the story of Celine, her family, and her husband; it is the story of a child, with thirteen siblings, from a lower middle-class family, who grew up to achieve the status of pop icon and global diva. Along the way, she garnered the respect of some of the top people in the music industry, such as David Foster, Barbra Streisand, Luciano Pavarotti, and Sir George Martin. Georges-Hebert Germain gives the reader the full story of how Rene Angelill became Celine´s manager and, eventually, her husband. He also tells how Rene brought Celine to the status of pop icon in Quebec and then worked to help her achieve the same status on a global level. The competitive world of the contemporary music industry is revealed how the deals are put together, how the marketing machinery is motivated, and how songs come to be chosen and produced. The book is also a close-up of American popular culture, and the impact it has around the world. The book shows how a singing sensation becomes the guest of prime ministers, presidents, and sultans. "Celine" contains 622 pages and there are 48 pages that contains pictures of Celine. "Celine: The Authorized Biography" contains 422 pages and from the 422 pages, there are 48 pages that contains pictures of Celine. The book´s cover features the same photo of Celine used on the album´s cover of "Let´s Talk About Love".
...> About The Author
Georges-Hébert Germain, born in Les Écureuils, Quebec, Canada on August 20, 1944, is a journalist, columnist, critic, commentator, writer, novelist, biographer and essayist. He earned a degree in geography from the Université de Montréal, after a degree. He worked in several media such as La Presse, "Nous" Magazine, Perspectives, Forum, Télé-Métropole, Hobo-Québec, CKAC, Autrement, En Route, Canadian Geographic, Châtelaine, L´actualité, Radio-Québec, Radio-Canada and the ONF. His novel "Souvenir de Monica" is the basis of the screenplay to the film "Monica La Mitraille" in 2004. Germain travelled with Celine Dion and her entourage for more than one year, and has written this book, inspiring portrait of one of the world´s best-loved vocal artists.
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...> Quebec Edition
Simply entitled "Celine", published by Libre Expression in 1997 (paperback).
...> English Edition
Titled "Celine: The Authorized Biography", published by Dundurn Press on September 1, 1998 (paperback).
...> Japanese Edition
...> French Edition
Entitled "Celine: La Biographie Officielle", published by Pocket in 1998 (paperback).
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