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Concerts [ 1996 ] part 1

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On January 22, 1996 Celine Dion gave a concert at the Palais Des Festivals Et Des Congrès in Cannes, France for the opening of the 30th MIDEM (acronym for Marché International Du Disque Et De L´Edition Musicale). The tradeshow, which is billed as the leading international business event for the music ecosystem, has been held since 1967. Several thousand musicians, producers, agents, managers, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs and journalists from around the globe regularly attend the event, which is usually held at the end of January, or early February. During the concert, Celine performed songs from the French album "D´eux". She wore the same leather outfit used during the "D´eux Tour". Celine also wore a white T-shirt with black pants. French singer-songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman was there and performed with Celine. Celine also performed "L´amour existe encore", with the Italian singer-songwriter, composer and musician Richard Cocciante on the piano. After the concert, Celine met with Philippe Douste-Blazy, at the moment Minister of the Culture in France, who gave Celine the title of "Chevalier Des Arts Et Des Lettres", and named her as the best ambassadress of the French language in the world. Celine was photographed with Philippe Douste-Blazy and with her manager and husband, Rene Angelil. Celine received an award from Xavier Roy, the President of MIDEM. They were photographed together.
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On January 28, 1996 Celine Dion took part on the concert for Les Enfoirés, (French for "The Tossers" or "The Bastards"). Les Enfoirés is the name given to the singers and performers in the yearly charity concert for the Restaurants du Cœur (commonly and familiarly known as the Restos du Cœur), a French charity, the main activity of which is to distribute food packages and hot meals to the needy. It was founded by the comedian Coluche in 1985. This year´s concert was entitled "La Soirée Des Enfoirés" and it took place at the Studios De Cinéma D´Arpajon (plateau 9) in Arpajon, a commune in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France. The evening´s theme was: Everyone sings the songs of others. The concert was aired on February 10, 1996 on TF1 channel in France. During the concert, Celine performed a little part of the song "Pour que tu m´aimes encore", as part of a medley entitled "Cacophonie". Celine also performed a medley entitled "Les chansons d´amour", in duet with Patrick Bruel and Carole Fredericks. The medley included the songs: "L'amour existe encore", "L´encre de tes yeux" and "La maladie d'amour". After a costume change, Celine performed "Quand on n´a que l'amour" in duet with Maurane. After the perfomance, they were interviewed. For the finale, Celine joined all the artists to perform "Laissons entrer le soleil" (although she didn´t have a microphone during the song). Nathalie Baye, Jocelyne Béroard, Jane Birkin, Carole Bouquet, Francis Cabrel, Julien Clerc, Gérald De Palmas, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Les Innocents, Michael Jones, Khaled, Alain Lanty, Philippe Lavil, Marc Lavoine, Maxime Le Forestier, Yves Lecoq, Michel Leeb, Thierry Lhermitte, Mimie Mathy, Maurane, Karen Mulder, Yannick Noah, Pierre Palmade, Vanessa Paradis, Princess Erika, Jean Réno, Muriel Robin, Véronique Sanson, Alain Souchon, Patrick Timsit and Ophélie Winter also took part on the concert. The show was released by WEA on November 15, 1996 in K7, CD and VHS under the title "Les Enfoirés: La Soirée Des Enfoirés".
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On February 23, 1996 Celine Dion was back in the USA (after has been in Europe), where she did a private concert for American business magnate, investor, television personality and author, Donald Trump. Celine performed in a private concert at the private club, Mar A Lago (owned by Donald Trump) in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. On next day, she also attended the Chanel Fashion Show at Mar A Lago. Celine performed "Because you loved me", among other songs.
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On March 22, 1996 Celine Dion performed at the Centre Court in Melbourne, Australia with the "Falling Into You Tour", in front of more than 18,000 people. This was the third concert in Australia with this tour, after two concerts in Perth (March 18, 1996) and Adelaide (March 21, 1996). The following day Celine performed at the Centre Court again. During the show, Celine performed "To love you more", in which she was accompanied by Japanese violinist Taro Hakase. It was Hakase first time in Australia. Celine continued performing in other Australian cities. During these concerts, Celine performed the song "Where does my heart beat now", which was removed later from the set list of the tour. Costumes for the concerts in Australia were the same, or at least similar, to the one she wore during the "D´eux Tour" (dark leather outfit).
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On March 25, 1996 Celine Dion performed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia with the "Falling Into You Tour", in front of more than 10.000 people. The following day Celine performed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre again. During these concerts, Celine performed the song "Where does my heart beat now", which was removed later from the set list of the tour. Costumes for the concerts in Australia were the same, or at least similar, to the one she wore during the "D´eux Tour" (dark leather outfit).
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