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Concerts [ 1994 ] part 1

On January 27, 1994 Celine Dion took part at the "Enfoirés Concert", that year entitled "Les Enfoirés Au Grand Rex", and it was broadcasted on TF1 channel in France. The concert took place at the Grand Rex Theatre in Paris, France. Celine performed "Là-bas" in duet with Jean-Jacques Goldman. The last song was one entitled "La chanson des Restos", wich was performed by various artists including Celine. Jean-Louis Aubert, Emmanuelle Béart, Romane Bohringer, Patrick Bruel, Francis Cabrel, Marius Colucci, Carole Fredericks, Charlotte Gainsbourg, France Gall, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michael Jones, Catherine Lara, Yves Lecoq, Valérie Lemercier, Mimie Mathy, Jean-Jacques Milteau, Eddy Mitchell, Florent Pagny, Pierre Palmade, Vanessa Paradis, Paul Personne, Pow-Wow, Renaud, Muriel Robin, Alain Souchon, Patrick Timsit and Laurent Voulzy also took part at this concert. The concert was released on CD as "Les Enfoirés Au Grand Rex" on February 5, 1994 by WEA.
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On February 14, 1994 Celine Dion performed at a 90-minute show at the Wadsworth Theatre in Los Angeles, USA with "The Colour Of My Love Tour". Robert Hilburn, from the Los Angeles Times (a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles), wrote "Like Houston and Carey, the Quebec native has wonderful vocal skills. Given her power and command, Celine should be able to convey all the celebration and heartache in today´s most compelling pop songs". According to him, Celine was devoid of character, wasting most of her talent on arrangements so overblown, choreography so overwrought and songs so over-baked that her act becomes an odd blend of the farcical and the pretentious. Her five-piece band was as colorless as the worst ´70s corporate rockers, the lighting was as gaudy and a modern dance interlude was so clumsy that it had to be seen to be believed. It was Valentine´s Day, after all, and love was either in the title or prominent in the chorus of virtually every song Celine sang, including "The power of love". Even the one song she sang in French had amour in the title. Dressed in a long black jacket, ruffled white shirt and tight black stretch pants, the pixieish Celine told stories that were long and silly, but disarming and she exhibited a flair for physical comedy. Musically, the audience could felt Celine´s potential in the duets where she tended to be more intimate and controlled, both "Beauty and the beast", where she was joined capably by Terry Bradford, and "When I fall in love", where she teamed with Clive Griffin.
On February 22, 1994 Celine Dion took part at the "The Jackson Family Honors", a TV special that was a tribute to actress Elizabeth Taylor and music mogul Berry Gordy and a benefit to raise funds for several charities. "The Jackson Family Honors" marked the first time the Jackson family had performed onstage together in two decades. The program was broadcasted on NBC channel in USA three days after the taping. Michael Jackson drew a nearly five-minute standing ovation from a crowd of more than 12,000 during the taping of the television special benefit in Las Vegas, USA at the MGM Grand Garden Arena of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The show opened with a Michael Jackson video of his song "Leave me alone", which mocks his treatment by the press. Celine performed her hit "The power of love". "If you only believe" was the finale song for "The Jackson Family Honors" televised show in Las Vegas. Michael Jackson joined in the finale with his family and celebrity guests, including Celine, singing "If you only believe". The guests also included Elizabeth Taylor, Bruce Hornsby, Gladys Knight, and Dionne Warwick. The show raised money for charities including the entertainment industry´s Earthquake Relief Fund. At the time of this show there were a number of issues within the Jackson family. According to People magazine, "despite a feel-good TV reunion, the Jacksons have made trouble their trademark". The family had been publicly accusing each other of abuse and bad behavior from 1988, when Michael´s autobiography. Moonwalk, alleged that his father Joe Jackson had beaten him. Then in 1993, Jack Gordon forced LaToya Jackson to claim that Michael was indeed allegedly capable of being a child molester. It was also the first time Michael Jackson had performed since he abruptly quit his "Dangerous Tour" the November before and dealt with charges that he had sexually molested a 13-year-old boy. “There are many trials and tribulations that my family has been through, but it´s most important for the show to take place, not because of what happened to Michael, but because we never lost focus. We are doing this to help the needy, unfortunate people out there", Jermaine Jackson said.
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On February 28, 1994 Celine Dion made her New York debut performing at The Town Hall in New York, USA with the "The Colour Of My Love Tour" and in front of approximately 1,500 people (which is the capacity of the performance place). The reviews for this concert were mixed. The reviewer Elisabeth Vincentelli, from the New York Newsday (a newspaper based in New York), described Celine as "a classy, upscale alternative for people who think of Mariah Carey as a shopping mall superstar". Stephen Holden, from The New York Times (the famous American daily newspaper), was less kind, dismissing Celine´s songs as "the kind of generic pop anthems that win international song competitions and that Olympic athletes use to accompany their routines". This was the last concert of the tour in USA after nine concerts in the main cities.
On March 25, 1994 Celine Dion performed at the Montreal Forum in Montreal, Canada with "The Colour Of My Love Tour", in fron of more than 18,000 people. This was the first of a serie of 6 consecutive concerts at the Montreal Forum with this tour. Celine performed there on March 25, 26, 27, 29, 30 and 31, 1994. Singer Kathleen Sergerie did the opening act for these concerts in Montreal. The set list on these concerts included the song "Ce n´était qu´un rêve". Celine also performed hits as "Everybody´s talkin' my baby down", "Where does my heart beat now", "If you asked me to", "Only one road", "Beauty and the beast", "Misled", "Calling you", "L´amour existe encore", "Je danse dans ma tête", "Unison", "Think twice", "River deep, mountain high", "Love can move mountains", "The power of love", among other. The set list also included some of Celine´s French songs as "Des mots qui sonnent", "L´amour existe encore", "Je danse dans ma tête", "Le blues du businessman", "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)" and the famous Jacques Brel´s song "Quand on n´a que l´amour". After 10 concerts in the United States, Celine went on the Canadian sold out leg of the "The Colour Of My Love Tour", which included the 6 concerts at the Montreal Forum and a show before 10,000 people in Hamilton, Canada among others. Footage from this concert on March 25, 1994 was broadcasted, as part of a TV special about Celine, on March 11, 1996 on Radio-Canada channel in Quebec, Canada.
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