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Events [ 1985 ] May

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On May 7, 1985 Celine Dion performed the national anthems at an ice hockey game between the Quebec Nordiques and the Philadelphia Flyers, at the Colisée de Québec in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Celine was invited to sing the national anthems by the Quebec Nordiques whom gave to her the team´s hockey sweater with a "Dion" on it. There, Celine met with the Prime Minister of Canada, Martin Brian Mulroney. Celine also was photographed with Robert Ayotte, André Savard, Sylvie Flaet, Marcel Aubut and the some of the players´ wives.
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On May 18, 1985 Celine Dion attended a benefit march for the Fibrose Kystique Québec which took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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