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Events [ 1985 ] September

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On September 1, 1985 Celine Dion took part in the Gala de Tele-Metropole where she performed. She was also photographed with her manager, Rene Angelil. The Gala was broadcasted on TVA network.
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On September 10, 1985 was premiere a TV special about Celine Dion entitled "C´est Pour Toi", to help promote the album "C´est Pour Toi", released on August 27, 1985. The TV special was produced and shown by Télé-Métropole channel in Quebec, Canada. It features performances of the songs: "C´est pour toi", "Dis-moi si je t´aime", "Les oiseaux du bonheur", "Amoureuse", "Pour vous", "Tu es là", "Elle", "Avec toi", "Virginie... Roman d´amour", "Vois comme c´est beau" in duet with Claudette Dion and "C´est pour vivre" with the choir, V´la l´bon vent, all recorded as pseudo-music videos. The TV special also features appearances by Sylvie Bernier, Andrée Dupras, Kathryn Kellner, Diane Lafrance and Mario Bertrand. It was recorded in several places in Quebec as the Sanctuaire Du Mont RoyalTerre Des Hommes and the amusement park, La Ronde.
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On September 21, 1985 Celine Dion appeared on the cover of the "Marie-Pier" magazine, published in Quebec, Canada.
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On September 25, 1985 Celine Dion appeared on the cover of the TV guide "Hebdo", published in Quebec, Canada.
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