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Events [ 1985 ] October

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On October 13, 1985 Celine Dion was invited to Italy with her mother and her manager Rene Angelil to have a private session with Pope John Paul II. Celine, her mother and Rene joined a French Canadian delegation flying to Rome so as to hand Pope John Paul II a rose especially created for him when he came in Montreal, Canada. Celine met the Pope at his summer palace in Castel Gandolfo. John Paul II remembered very well his trip to Canada one year ealier: "I keep in my memories a special place for Canada, one of the most beautiful stops during my trips. What a wonderful country!" he said while welcoming Celine. Both proud and stressed, Celine handed him her Gold Disc of "Une colombe" and chatted with him for more than five minutes. "When he took my Gold Disc, I thought my heart was going to stop. He´s so handsome, I´m so impressed. I´m very lucky. Seeing the Pope once in my life is a huge privilege, but twice..." Celine said.
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On October 16, 1985 and after a concert at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada, Celine Dion took time for a signature session to her fans. Her manager, Rene Angelil also was there.
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On October 24, 1985 Celine Dion met with some of her fans in Montreal, Canada. She was photographed with a big fan of her, named Stephane.
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On October 27, 1985 Celine Dion attended the ADISQ Gala, an annual award ceremony to reward musicians and singers in Quebec, Canada. ADISQ (meaning "Association québécoise de l'industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo") is a nonprofit organization with the mission to help the music industry in Quebec. At the ceremony, Celine was a bigger winner than ever. She received five Felix awards for Album Of The Year (for "Mélanie"), Best Selling Album Of The Year (for "Mélanie"), Female Vocalist Of The Year, Pop Song Of The Year (for "Une colombe"), and Best Selling Single of The Year (for "Une colombe"). As usual, the happy winner shed plenty of tears of joy for the successful year. The summer before, she had triumphed wherever she sang. And right now, she was in the spotlight, her Best Female Singer award in her hand, while the adoring crowd looked on. She thanked her manager, Rene Angelil and burst into tears again. In reference to this triumph, Celine has said "I´ve never cried so much in my whole life". Celine was photographed with Rene and with the famous French songwriter, Eddy Marnay.
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