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Feeling Inc.

In this feature, you will find information about other activities of Celine Dion, specifically related with Feeling Inc., the artist management company owned by Celine.
Les Productions Feeling Inc., also knows as Feeling Inc. or just Feeling, is an artist management company based in Laval, Quebec, Canada and owned by Celine Dion and her husband and manager, Rene Angelil.
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Celine´s husband and manager, Rene Angelil first founded his own company called Productions René Angélil in 1979, after his separation with Guy Cloutier. With this company, Rene worked with the singer Ginette Reno. This time, Rene promised not to cut corners and be more reasonable with the major record companies. He was already planning the career development of the singer on the American market but Ginette Reno left Rene in favor of her lover at the time, who convinced her that he was able to deal better her career than Rene Angelil. Rene found himself alone with his strategic plan aborted. He returned to his activities as producer and manager by confining the Quebec market, while remaining alert. Then, Rene started to work with Celine under the same company, Productions René Angélil. After few years working together, Celine and Rene were welded by a single common goal: to reach all the summits of pop music. In terms of management, Rene also felt the need to restructure his business. The company Productions René Angélil became Les Productions Feeling, held equal shares between Celine and Rene and originally based in Laval, Quebec. Rene started working on this new company as the President, and he appointed as the first vice-president, finance and administration, the man who was his accountant for five years, Andre Delambre. In 2000 Mario Lefebvre replaced Andre Delambre in the vice presidency of the company. The family dimension was not absent from the management of Les Productions Feeling. Rene decided to include to the company staff to Michel Dion (Celine´s brother), two of Celine´s sisters and Patrick Angelil, the older son of Rene (from a previous marriage). Once well established the career of Celine, Rene with Feeling has dealt in rare cases of other artists, including singer Garou, who since has founded his own company to manage his own career, and the young Quebec singer Marilou, better known in France than in Quebec. In 2004 Marilou scored an opening slot on Garou´s European tour and at age 14 she was performing on some of Europe´s biggest stages. It was at this time that Marilou was signed by Feeling, the company owned by Celine and Rene and together with Mario Lefebvre, they began to chart her path to success. Since April 2009, Mario Lefebvre, the former assistant to Rene Angelil in Feeling, became the manager of Marilou through his own artist management company. In 2009 Rene, through and the company Feeling, wanted to buy the famous Canadian hockey club, Les Canadiens. During the negotiations for the purchase of the club in June 2009, the final race was between the Molson brothers, whose family had once been the owner of the club, and the group led by Québecor, which Les Productions Feeling belonged. Finally, the Molson brothers won the setting which was estimated in more than $600 million. In terms of products, in association with Coty Beauty, Les Productions Feeling have already introduced a line of seven flavors (Original, Notes, Belong, Enchanting, Paris Night, Un Printemps à Paris and Sensational) distributed in perfumeries and supermarkets since 2003. Currently the company has two locations. In Quebec Feeling is located in 2540 boul. Daniel-Johnson, Suite 755 in Laval, a city located north of Montreal. In Toronto the company is located in 1131 Leslie St., Penthouse #5.
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[ The building in Laval that houses the Montreal, Canada offices of Feeling Productions and CDA Productions ]
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