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Events [ 1988 ] December

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On December 10, 1988 Celine Dion appeared along with her sister Claudette Dion, during the broadcast of the TV show "Devine Qui Vient Diner?", aired on TF1 channel in France. Celine performed "Ne partez pas sans moi". She also performed "Vois comme c´est beau", in duet with Claudette Dion.
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On December 18, 1988 Celine Dion took part at the Prix Gémeaux Gala, also known as the Gémeaux Awards, honouring French-Canadian achievements in Canadian television. Sponsored by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, the ceremony was hosted by Normand Brathwaite and it was broadcasted on Radio-Canada channel in Quebec, Canada. Celine performed "Medley Starmania" (a medley with the songs from the musical Starmania: "Quand on arrive en ville", "Les uns contre les autres", "Le monde est stone", "Ce soir on danse a Naziland" and "Le blues du businessman". On this year, two galas were held to less than 10 months apart, on February 7 and December 18.
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On December 24, 1988 Celine Dion appeared during the broadcast of a special Christmas episode of the TV show "Star d´un soir", hosted by Pierre Lalonde and aired on Radio-Canada channel in Quebec, Canada. First, Celine performed "Ce n´était qu´un rêve". Then, she was interviewed by Lalonde and she performed a fragment of the German song "Nur das leben" (German version of "C´est pour vivre"). Celine´s father Adherman Dion also appeared on the show. He played the accordion and he also was interviewed. Celine also performed the famous Christmas song, "Noël blanc".
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---------------------------------------- OTHER EVENTS ----------------------------------------
In 1988 Celine Dion appeared during the broadcast of the TV show "Ad Lib", hosted by Jean-Pierre Coallier and aired on TVA channel in Quebec, Canada. Celine performed "Ma chambre". Then, she was interviewed and after that she performed "Summertime", taken from the musical Porgy and Bess.
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In 1988 Celine Dion appeared during the broadcast of the TV show "Champs-Élysées", hosted by Michel Drucker and aired on Antenne 2 channel in France. Celine performed "La religieuse".
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In 1988 Celine Dion appeared during the broadcast of the TV show "L´autobus Du Show-Business", hosted by Jean-Pierre Ferland and aired on Radio-Canada channel in Canada. Celine performed the song "Mélanie" and she also was interviewed.
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In 1988 Celine Dilon appeared during the broadcast of the TV show "Ad Lib", hosted by Jean-Pierre Coallier and aired on TVA channel in Quebec, Canada. Celine performed "D´abord c´est quoi l´amour".
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In 1988 Celine Dion appeared on interview during the broadcast of a segment commented by Sylvain Claude Filion on Quebec Television in Canada. Filion was at the Theatre Saint-Denis in Montreal, where Celine was performing with the "Incognito Tournée", to talk with her about the concerts and the tour. They also broadcasted footage from Celine´s shows at the Theatre Saint-Denis.
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In 1988 Celine Dion was photographed along with her manager, Rene Angelil while they were getting ready during a photo session for an European magazine.
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