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Events [ 2011 ] August

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On August 6, 2011 on the backstage of a concert at the Colosseum of the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA Celine Dion met with the American professional basketball player, Ron Artest.
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August 9, 2011 - Celine Dion met with a fan on the backstage of a concert at the Colosseum of the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA
On August 13, 2011 on the backstage of a concert at the Colosseum of the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA Celine Dion met with a fan named Curtis Ryan, from South Africa.
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On August 19, the Celine Dion Foundation, which supports children and families in need, held a fundraising event at the Le Mirage golf club in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada. Participants enjoyed a round of golf, a gourmet dinner and a private concert by Celine Dion. During the backstage of the concert, Celine and her husband Rene Angelil were photographed with the band and personnel of the foundation. Celine also was photographed with the sons of her husband, Patrick and Jean-Pierre.
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On August 31, 2011 Celine Dion and part of the Dion family, visited the Maison Adhémar-Dion, a palliative care center that was named after Adhémar Dion, Céline´s father. The Maison Adhémar-Dion is a non-profit organization open in 2010 and built by donators of the Fondation du Centre de santé et des services sociaux (CSSS) in Lanaudière-Sud, Quebec, Canada. Celine was accompanied by some of her siblings (Clément, Paul, Pauline, Liette, Michel, Jacques, Claudette) and her mother, Thérèse. They visited the house and spoke about the reason why it was named after Adhémar, how he died in his wife´s arms and about how each of them believes that taking care of their parents and family is so important. During this very touching interview, Celine spoke and made all of her sisters and brothers cry. Celine was photographed wih Marcel St-Aubin, one of the resident of the house as with some of the personnel of the center.
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In August 2011 Celine Dion and her husband, Rene Angelil received the Cystic Fibrosis Canada´s Hall of Fame award at a ceremony in Las Vegas, USA. Their ongoing support represents a source of hope and inspiration for all individuals and families affected by cystic fibrosis. The Hall of Fame award is the most prestigious award presented by the Cystic Fibrosis Canada, the Canada-wide health charity with volunteers in more than 50 chapters across the country. It recognizes exemplary dedication to helping people with cystic fibrosis and the tremendous and long-standing impact a person or couple has made on Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Debra Berlet, Cystic Fibrosis Canada´s President, and Maureen Adamson, CEO, presented this award to recognize Celine and Rene´s outstanding commitment to the cystic fibrosis cause. Rene and Celine have generously donated their time, energy, and financial resources to Cystic Fibrosis Canada for nearly 30 years. Celine has been Cystic Fibrosis Canada´s Celebrity Patron since 1993. At the same ceremony, Kin Canada, Cystic Fibrosis Canada´s longest-standing partner, awarded Celine with the Hal Rogers Fellow to acknowledge her contributions to improving the lives of young Canadians with cystic fibrosis and their families. The Hal Rogers Fellow, the most distinguished award bestowed by the Kin Canada Foundation, recognizes Canadians who demonstrate the high ideals of leadership, accomplishment and community endeavours to which Kin Canada founder Hal Rogers was committed. Celine was chosen to receive this award because of her exemplary support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Cystic Fibrosis Canada applauds and thanks Celine and Rene, champions for the cause. Their generosity and commitment have considerably improved quality of life for individuals with cystic fibrosis.
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