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Events [ 1990 ] April

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On April 2, 1990 Celine Dion was on rehearsals at the Metropolis, a famous bar in Montreal, Canada, for a TV special made by MusiquePlus channel in Quebec, Canada to celebrate the release of the new English album, "Unison".
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On April 2, 1990 Celine Dion was on rehearsals for a show at the Metropolis, a famous bar in Montreal, Canada to celebrate the release of the new English album, "Unison". On backstage she was interviewed for a segment aired later on Quebec TV in Canada.
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On April 2, 1990 Celine Dion was on rehearsals for a show at the Metropolis, a famous bar in Montreal, Canada to celebrate the release of the new English album, "Unison". On backstage she was interviewed and photographed for an article published later on "Echos Vedettes" magazine in Quebec, Canada.
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On April 2, 1990 Celine Dion gave a special concert to celebrate the launch of the new and her first English album entitled "Unison". The special show took place at the Metropolis, a famous bar in Montreal, Canada and the most popular disco of the city. There, she was interviewed for a segment aired later on MusiquePlus channel in Quebec, Canada.
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On April 3, 1990 Celine Dion launched her album "Unison" in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, complete with seventeen interviews, photo and autograph sessions. By midnight they were in Toronto. The next day, Celine was lined up for four interviews on TV, six on radio, and a big press conference. Then on to Vancouver on the ninth, Edmonton the tenth, Calgary the eleventh, and Winnipeg the twelfth. In ten days, she had met hundreds of journalists and disc jockeys.
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On April 21, 1990, Celine Dion appeared on the cover of the TV guide "TV Hebdo", published in Quebec, Canada.
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In April 1990, Celine Dion appeared during the broadcast of the TV show "Ad Lib", hosted by Jean-Pierre Coallier and aired on Télé-Métropole channel in Quebec, Canada. On this episode, Celine performed a medley with the songs: "Tellement j´ai d'amour pour toi", "Mon ami m´a quitté", "Incognito" and "D´abord c´est quoi l´amour"; accompanied by her pianist, Claude (Mego) Lemay. Celine also performed "(If there was) Any other way" and "Where does my heart beat now", both from the new English album, "Unison". After only fifteen days of sales, Celine received her first gold certification for "Unison".
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In April 1990, Celine Dion and her manager Rene Angelil, appeared during the broadcast of the TV show "Christiane Charette En Direct", hosted by Christiane Charette and aired on Télé-Québec in Quebec, Canada. Celine and Rene talked about her fisrt English album "Unison", which reached # 1 in Quebec only three weeks after it´s release. They gave their impression on this and they were discussing the plans to conquer the English market.
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In April 1990 Celine Dion appeared on interview during the broadcast of the news magazine show "Park Avenue Metro", hosted by Don McGowan and aired on CTV channel in Canada. Celine appeared talking on a reportage, made by Leslie Roberts, about her new English album "Unison".
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In April 1990 Celine Dion gave a press conference to talk about the launching of her first English album titled, "Unison". The conference took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal, Canada. Her manager, Rene Angelil lso talked at the conference. Then, Celine was photographed with her fans. She also was interviewed at her dressing room.
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In April 1990, Celine Dion appeared on the cover of the famous magazine "Echos Vedettes", published in Quebec, Canada.
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