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Concerts [ 2002 ] part 3

On October 10, 2002 Celine Dion taped a TV special entitled "Céline Dion: Á Tout Prix", to help promote the album "A New Day Has Come" in Europe. The show featured a renowned artist through awards and reports about her career and her life, with performances and an interview with Celine. It also features various artists who joined Celine on stage including David Douillet, Yannick Noah, Patrick Fiori, Zinedine Zidane, Dany Brillant, Les L5, Lââm, Michel Drucker, Luc Plamondon, Hugues Aufray, Patrick Bruel, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Garou, Maurane and Pascal Sevran. Taped in Paris, France, the show was hosted by Laurent Boyer and Frank Seurat, and it was broadcasted on November 22, 2002 on the French channel M6. During the show, Celine performed "I´m alive", "S´il suffisait d´aimer" in duet with various artists, "Pour que tu m´aimes encore", "Ten days" in duet with Gerald De Palmas (who was playing guitar and singing the French version of the song, entitled "Tomber"), Elvis Presley´s "Love me tender" in duet with Patrik Fiori, Barbra Streisand´s "Woman in love" in duet with Natasha St-Pier, Bee Gees´ "Stayin´ alive" in duet with Lââm, "La vie d´aimer" (French version of Celine´s "The greatest reward") in duet with Daniel Levy, and "Goodbye´s (The saddest word)". During an interview, Celine made her improvisations singing on the phonebook. For the finale, various artists performed to Celine. After the show, Celine was photographed with some of the artists.
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