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Concerts [ 1999 ] part 7

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On December 5, 1999 Celine Dion took part at the CBS holiday music TV special-concert entitled "A Rosie Christmas", hosted by the famous American stand-up comedian, actress, singer, author and media personality Rosie O´Donnell, and broadcasted on CBS channel in USA. The show took place at the Longacre Theatre in New York, USA. Celine performed the Christmas song "The magic of christmas day" in duet with Rosie O´Donnell and a children choir. The show also featured Marc Anthony, Lance Bass, J C Chasez, Rosemary Clooney, Gloria Estefan, Joey Fatone, Darren Hayes, NSync, Donny Osmond, Billy Porter, Savage Garden, Justin Timberlake and Trisha Yearwood. The concert was produced by Kid Ro Productions.
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On December 31, 1999 Celine Dion performed at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Canada in front of 20,000 people. This was the last concert of the "Let´s Talk About Love Tour", the very last concert she gave after more than 70 concerts with this tour, all around the world. After her tour of Europe, Celine´s team announced the singer would give a special New Year´s Eve concert in Montreal. This also was Celine´s final public appearance before her two-year break. The concert is also known as "The Millennium Concert", and under this name it was suposed to be released a DVD, although it was never realeased. The concert featured a new setlist and special appearances by prominent Canadian singers. According to Nelson Wyatt from The Canadian Press, "Celine wrapped up the 1900s in Quebec but her best wishes for 2000 went to USA President Bill Clinton". "Good evening Canada and good evening America", Celine said after finishing her opening song, the tear duct-grabbing "My heart will go on" from the movie "Titanic". "Mr. President and Mrs. Clinton, I know that you´re watching us right now and I would like to wish you and everyone in Washington a very, very Happy New Year". She did not mention any Canadian politicians in her opening comments, which were broadcast live on networks in Quebec, Canada and the USA. But she later turned her attention to her local - and most fervent fans - before swinging into a duet with a video of Frank Sinatra. "There´s lots of emotion in the air tonight - it´s incredible", Celine said, thanking fans for their constant cheers. "There is nowhere else in the world that I would want to be tonight. I am with all my family, my friends and all you. I am really happy". Celine belted out the countdown to 2000 holding hands with her manager and husband Rene Angelil as fireworks went off and balloons and confetti streamed from the ceiling. Celine hugged various other performers at the show and blew kisses at the TV audience. "I wish you peace and love but mostly good health", Celine said. Earlier, Celine told an interviewer she was nervous "but nostalgic at the same time". "It´s not only the end of the year but the start of the new century. It´s not just my last performance but the start of a new life for Rene and me". She dedicated the duet of Sinatra´s "All the way" to Rene. Fans welcomed Celine to the stage waving glowing blue batons as images of the award-winning singer from her beginning as a gangly teen chanteuse to her more glitzed-out current persona were projected on a big screen. But the enthusiasm had begun as the audience - many of them Americans - as streamed into the Molson Centre. A galaxy of stars such as rocker Bryan Adams were on hand to be with Celine as she warbled her way into temporary retirement - an event that seemed to be hyped almost as much as the year 2000 celebrations. The four-hour show was broadcast live on the TVA network and parts of it were shown on CTV. Canadian broadcast was entitled "La Derniére De Céline" (meaning "Celine´s Goodbye"). During the show, Celine performed "My heart will go on", "Destin", "All the way", "The first time ever I saw your face", an acoustic medley with the songs "Ce n´était qu´un rêve", "D´amour ou d´amitié", "Mon ami m´a quittée" and "Une colombe". Celine also sang "That´s the way it is", "I´m your angel" in duet with Garou, "When I fall in love" in duet Daniel Lavoie, "J´irai où tu iras" in duet with Luke Mervill and "Le blues du businessman" in duet with Bruno Pelletier. Then came "Regarde-moi" and "L´amour existe encore". After that, Celine received the New Year 2000 with her manager and husband, her family, friends, the audience at the Molson Centre and the TV viewers through Canada and USA. Then, Bryan Adams appeared onstage and he sang "Summer of '69" and then he performed in duet with Celine three songs: "It´s only love", "When you´re gone" and "(Everything I do) I do it for you". Then, Celine performed "Live (for the one I love)", "Des mots qui sonnent", "Unison" in duet with Stephane Rousseau, "Incognito", "Love can move mountains", "Pour que tu m´aimes encore", "S´il suffisait d´aimer" and "All by myself". And for the finale, Celine performed "Ce n´était qu´un rêve".
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