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Concerts [ in the 80s ] part 6

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In 1987 Celine Dion performed at La Ronde, an amusement park in Montreal, Canada. During this concert, Celine performed "Incognito", "Lolita (trop jeune pour aimer)", "D´abord, c´est quoi l´amour?", "Partout je te vois", "Carmen", "Une colombe" among other songs. After the concert, Celine met with the famous French songwriter, Eddy Marnay. Celine also took time to sign some autographs for her fans. Footage from this concert were broadcasted during an interview with Celine on CTV channel in Canada on November 11, 1987.
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In December 1987 Celine Dion took part at the 50th Anniversary Gala of the Union Des Artistes (also known as UDA), a Quebec-based labour organization representing stage, television, radio and film performers in French-language media in Canada. The Gala took place in Montreal, Canada and it was simultaneously broadcasted on Radio-Canada, Télé-Métropole, Radio-Québec and Télévision Quatre-Saisons (TQS) channels in Canada. The final songs of the Gala, titled "Vous ne pouvez pas savoir" and "Merci d´avoir été là", composed by Marcel Lefebvre, were performed by various artists including Claude Léveillée, Diane Juster, Patrick Norman, Yvon Deschamps, Celine Dion, Daniel Lavoie, Shirley Théroux, Fernand Gignac, Dodo et Denise and Martine Saint-Clair among other.
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On January 10, 1988 Celine Dion took part at the Juste Pour Vivre, a show produced by the Quebec Heart Foundation. She performed "Comme un cœur froid", a Marnay and Roussel song. The next day, Celine´s "Incognito Tournée" began.
On January 20, 1988 Celine Dion gave the first of a three consecutive concerts at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada with the "Incognito Tournée" (also know as the "Incognito Tour"), a concert tour organized to support the album "Incognito", released on April 2, 1987. Celine also performed at the Palais Montcalm on January 21 and 22, 1988.
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On January 30, 1988 Celine Dion took part on a concert as part of the Carnaval de Québec (also known as Quebec Winter Carnival), a festival held in Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. The festival´s events include a winter amusement park, with attractions such as skiing, snow rafting, ice sculptures, snow sled slides and outdoor shows and concerts. Celine performed "Comme un cœur froid" and the famous song "Somewhere", taken from the musical West Side Story.
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