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La Naissance D´une Étoile [ book ]

"La Naissance D´une Étoile" is an authorized biography book in French about Celine Dion, written by Marc Chatelle and published on November 1, 1983 by Les Éditions Quebecor.
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Celine´s career got up on the fast right from the beginning. Less than two years after the release of her first albums, a first book was already out to document her career so far. "La Naissance D´une Étoile" (meaning "The Birth Of A Star") was published in paperback only in Quebec, Canada and it contains 181 pages and 110 black and white photos (in 64 pages). It was written by the director of Échos-Vedettes (an artistic paper in Quebec, Canada), Marc Chatelle. This is the very first biography book written on Celine. Even if the reader don´t understand French, this is a very valuable piece to own for a Celine collector. At fifteen, at the age when girls have only just put away their dolls, Celine knows international fame. And already she is compared to the greatest singers as Ginette Reno and Mireille Mathieu. This book introduces the endearing personality of the teenager whose unique voice moves thousands of people both in Canada than in France where she won gold records. This compelling story illustrates her family, her dreams, her personality, and her dramatic rise to success. The book has few errors and it´s full of pictures taken in Quebec, in France and in Japan. The reader could learn all the little details of the beginning of Celine´s career.
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