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In this feature, you will find a summary of Celine Dion Jewelry Company. In 2007 Celine and Yang Lan launched a jewelry company called "HV Love". Then, the first shop was opened as "LAN Fine Jewellery".
Feelings Productions Inc., and Her Village Inc., owned respectively by international, pop-music, superstar Celine Dion and famed, Chinese journalist and multi-media host Yang Lan have announced in August 2007, that they have joined forces to create a new line of diamond engagement rings, personal jewelry and exclusive women´s accessories to be sold under the corporate name HV Love. The joint venture launched in Beijing, China as designers and retailers of diamonds and precious metals jewellery, as well as fashion accessories and watches.
...> The Opening
On June 28, 2009 the grand opening was held at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China. Although, the company was renamed as "LAN Fine Jewellery". Among those in attendance for the stellar event were actresses Zhang Ziyi and Carina Lau. Co-founder Celine sent her wishes through a video link. Yang Lan conceived the idea of collaborating with Celine after she interviewed the superstar backstage at Celine´s Las Vegas show at Caesars Palace in May, 2007.
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...> Words Of Celine & Yang Lan
In 2006, speaking from the Colosseum at Caesar´s Palace in Las Vegas, USA (where she was in the final days of her record breaking, 5 year, sell-out show, "A New Day") Celine remarked that HV Love would be offering an exclusive collection of jewelry and related accessories, designed to reflect "the most wonderful, human emotion of all-love. Jewelry has the unique ability to convey the power of love in a way that no other item can come close to duplicating. It is at once beautiful to behold, and precious to possess. There is a sense of joy and intimacy about fine jewelry, and we intend to capture those feelings in the creativity and elegance of our collections. Each item is, essentially, a precious work of art, that never loses its meaning. It captures the heart and only grows in personal value as time passes. Our goal is to create a collection of diamond and other fine jewelry and accessories that place elegance of design ahead of price. HV Love has unique advantages to achieve that goal in China". The HV Love, a new company began marketing its jewelry products via an exclusive Internet site. They had planned to grow business on both a retailing model as to capture the potential sales benefit. And they had the intention to brand plans to utilize both online and offline channels operational strategy. The company intends to develop its brand equity through establishing a sizable network of company-owned , retail storefront partners in key urban markets, with a projected total number of stores reaching more than 200 outlets by 2010. "You cannot build an image of superior quality and design at highly competitive prices without allowing consumers the option of viewing our exclusive products in a store environment", claimed Yang Lan. "Consumers want to touch and examine the jewelry in a store-setting before developing an opinion about the craftsmanship, creativity and high standards of quality which the HV Love brand intends to establish. Knowing that the company really exists and that the consumer will always have the option of making their purchase in a real-world, store-setting considerably strengthens consumer trust in the company´s claims about their products. Jewelry, most especially something as important as the selection of an engagement ring, is a very significant, personal, purchase-decision. Through offering our customers the dual options of either a store-retailing environment or an e-retailing environment, we intend to establish HV Love as the leading retailer of high quality, diamond engagement rings, jewelry and associated gifts and accessories in China", said Yang Lan.
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