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In this feature, you will find a summary of Celine Dion Eyeglasses Collection, called "Celine Dion Eyes™". The collection is available all over the world.
In 2001, Celine Dion launched her own eyeglasses collection called "Celine Dion Eyes™". The ophthalmic collection reflects the star´s understated elegance with metal, plastic, and rimless models available in 18 styles. Many of the temples are graced with Celine´s signature logo. And the simple, clean lines of the frames are designed to appeal to a broad range of female consumers. Point-of-purchase materials include display units, countercards, logo plaques, and mirrors. Celine embodies beauty, class and elegance. The collection attaches to these attributes and converts these into a fashionable eyeglass collection. The collection covers 18 eyeglass frames in metal, plastics, combination, and half edge models. In addition there are 6 sun glasses.
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These beautiful, elegant and distinguished sunglasses of exceptional quality, will accompany users everywhere they go. The exquisite details will captivate them - the beautiful embellishments, Swarovski Crystals, and mother-of-pearl will delight them. The fabulous model from the sensational "Celine Dion Eyes™" Signature Collection will dazzle users. Revisit the 70´s with "Amber Star" which features a glamorous marble pattern. With the terrific selection, users will surely find the perfect style that will be their constant companion as the seasons change. The Design is womanlike and feminine held, whereby great importance is attached to quality and detail - as for example the name of the superstar, that is finely engraved on the rack. The two plastic frameworks are designed from a handmade Italian material - 7001 Model one bedded rectangle and 7003 the model are are shared to a cat eye. These shapes of the housing come into different colors such as black, blue, Burgund and green. The metal, combination and half edge of models are available in the sizes between 47mm and 52mm, whereby it arrives in the model.
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...> The Selling
In Germany the eyeglasses were driven out by the company I-Texx Internat. Designt of EBM Design. Into Germany all specialist dealers withdrew themselves, and sold finally starting from 2002 not one Celine Dion Eyes eyeglasses more after only short time. In America against it, the selling continued, however also only very heavily. The eyeglasses also were available on Celine´s fashion shop at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas during her show "A New Day...".
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...> Several Models
- Signature Collection Amber Star
The gorgeous oversized shape is reminiscent of the 70´s, while the detailing on the beautiful copper coloured metal frame exudes modern flair. The unique temples are accented with 22 Swarovski Crystals surrounding semi-transparent marble patterned acetate trims. Celine´s signature logo is subtly engraved on the top corner of the left lens. The left temple also features Celine´s signature in a gold tone. The large tinted lenses offer 100% protection against harmful UV rays. These beautiful sunglasses come with the Signature Collection sparkling silver case and lens cleaner, both of which feature the Celine Dion logo. The case can also be used as a clutch.
- Forever Vogue
They are the perfect accessory for any outfit providing you with 100% protection from the sun. Users can be seduced by the classically styled temples that link to the frame with a pierced metal ring embossed with decorative detailing. This ring connects to a metal plaque inlayed with Swarovski Crystals and featuring the Celine Dion logo. To keep the sunglasses looking new, safely store them in the accompanying black polyurethane case (size 163 x 77x 70) and keep them clean with the cleaning cloth, both the case and cloth feature the Celine Dion logo.
- Classic Pearl
These handmade acetate sunglasses boast a very unique feature that will make them stand out elegantly. The temples are decorated with a mother-of-pearl trim, inlayed with Swarovski Crystals and feature the Celine Dion logo in the centre. Look sophisticated while getting 100% protection against harmful UV rays. Users can protect their lovely shades with the accompanying durable and charming black polyurethane case (size 163 x 77x 70) and cleaning cloth, both of which feature the Celine Dion logo.
- Truly Chic
The lovely handmade acetate frame features a subtle and sophisticated tortoise pattern, perfect for those who want to enjoy the sun with style and distinction. The stunning metal ornament connecting the temples to the rest of the frames resembles the Roman numeral V, Celine´s lucky number, and is highlighted with dazzling Swarovski Crystals. The final touch is the Celine Dion logo in a gold tone. The striking brilliance of the crystals against the gold metal matched with the rich brown frame creates a look of elegant luxury. More than looking fabulous, these sunglasses offer users 100% protection from harmful UV rays. This pair comes with a protective and attractive black polyurethane case (size 163 x 77x 70) and cleaning cloth, both of which feature the Celine Dion logo.
- Retro Glam
These glamorous, vintage inspired sunglasses are handmade. The large tinted lenses provide 100% protection against UV rays and are accented by a lovely metallic square. The acetate temples featuring the Celine Dion logo are highlighted by a metal chain ornament inlaid with exquisite Swarovski crystals. To protect and preserve them as long as possible, make use of the durable and charming black polyurethane case (size 163 x 77x 70) and cleaning cloth, both of which feature the Celine Dion logo.
- Black Ladies Sunglasses
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