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Events [ 1995 ] July

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On July 13, 1995 Celine Dion gave a press conference to talk about the album "D´eux", released on March 27, 1995, in occasion of a cocktail party organized by Sony Music in Sydney, Australia. Celine also received a lalique crystal award by Sony. Celine´s husband and manager, Rene Angelil also was there.
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On July 28, 1995 Celine Dion appeared on the cover of the famous magazine, "7 Jours". She was interviewed and she talked about her collaboration with Jean-Jacques Goldman on the album titled "D´eux", released on March 27, 1995. Celine also was interviewed about her marriege with her manager, Rene Angelil in December 1994.
In July 1995 Celine Dion taped an episode of the famous Australian variety television program "Hey Hey It´s Saturday", hosted by Daryl Somers and aired on 9 channel in Australia. During the show, Celine performed "Think twice" and then she was presented with a heap of platinum records for her albums´ sales.
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