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Events [ 2009 ] February

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On February 10, 2009 Celine Dion met a big fan of her named Shirley, outside the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City, Canada after one of the concerts of the "Taking Chances Tour".
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On February 12, 2009 Celine Dion was on rehearsals at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada for one of the concerts of the "Taking Chances Tour". There, she met The Red Heads, a fan club of Celine. On that evening, just before the concert she would gave a few hours later, these fans had the chance to attend Celine´s sound check and rehearsal and to thus spend a magical moment, one that they´ll cherish forever.
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On February 14, 2009 Celine Dion was on rehearsals at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada for one of the concerts of the "Taking Chances Tour". There, she met with The Red Heads again.
On February 14, 2009 Celine Dion performed at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada with "Taking Chances World Tour". After the concert Celine met 14 contestants of the famous Quebec TVA channel TV show "Star Academy". During the concert, Celine introduced them and after, she talked with them. The contestants also met Celine´s husband Rene Angelil. They were acompained by the hoster of the TV show Julie Synder. Academy contestants admitted they were impressed and intimidated by the news. Rene Angelil, also director of the Academie on this year, offered them some reassurance, "Don´t be intimidated. She loves and admires you. She knows exactly how you feel. Don´t forget that Celine started off by singing on television when she was only 13 years old". Footages of the meeting were broadcasted on the TV show gala of February 15, 2009.
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On February 16, 2009 Celine Dion offered her support for singer Annie Lenox´s "Sing" campaign, wich aims at raising awareness and funds for women and children suffering from HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Celine was one of the singer who recorded the song titled "Sing" with Annie Lennox, wich was released on Lenox album, "Songs of Mass Destruction" on October 1, 2007. After visiting South Africa on early 2008, Celine witnessed the severity of the AIDS pandemic, and has joined forces with Annie Lennox to advocate for this cause. Celine recorded a video-message of supporting for "Sing" one-year anniversary.
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On February 17, 2009 following the third and final Montreal concert of the wildly succes-ful "Taking Chances World Tour", Celine Dion was overjoyed to attend a party in her honour at the Madison Centre in St-Léonard in Quebec, Canada. Watched by nearly 300 guests, Celine was eager to take to the dance floor with her devoted husband Rene Angelil, as the ´70s and ´80s disco music tarted up, courtesy of Montreal´s Boogie Wonder Band. "The atmosphere was very joyful", said one onlooker. "Celine chatted and danced with everyone and she danced very tenderly with Rene". Everyone responded to the upbeat party atmosphere, including Celine´s beloved mother, Therese, who got up and danced with Celine´s brother and tour manager, Michel. Also at the party were Celine´s brothers, sisters and close friends, and Rene´s grown children from his first marriege. Celine chose the perfect dress to accommodate her free-form dance moves, with a little black jewel-encrusted off-the-shoulder number by Balmain. A sumptuous buffet dinner was served at the party featuring meals from all the countries Celine and her close-knit crew visited during the "Taking Chances World Tour". Rene also gave a touching speech, telling everyone that after all these years, his beautiful wife still has the capacity to impress and even amaze him. "She is unique" he declarated fondly. Photos of the party were published by "Hello!" magazine on March 16, 2009.
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On February 25, 2009 Celine Dion arrived to Las Vegas, USA to see the famous Cher´s show at the Colosseum of the Caesars Palace. She was acompained with her husband Rene Angelil and their son Rene Charles and many other members of the family. Celine had an amount of fun during the show and supported Cher vigorously from the audience, while she has joined in the singing her songs and has danced, besides. During Cher performance of her biggest hit "Believe", Celine and her family have left the audience to reach unnoticed in the preventer area of the Colosseum, an area which Celine from 5 years of her show "A New Day..." still has very well in recollection.
On February 26, 2009 Celine Dion was at the rehearsals for the last concert of the "Taking Chances Tour" at the Qwest Center Omaha in Omaha, USA. She was filmed with her brother, Michel Dion (tour manager) during the rehearsals.
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On February 26, 2009 Celine Dion gave the last concert of the "Taking Chances Tour" at the Qwest Center Omaha in Omaha, USA. She was filmed on backstage before and after this last concert with the tour band members and personnel.
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