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Events [ 2005 ] August

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On August 1, 2005 Celine Dion came to Montreal, Canada to work with Per Magnusson and David Kreuger on Celine´s duet with the group Il Divo "I believe in you". The song, with lyrics in both French and English, was co-written and produced by A Side Productions. Celine recorded her part of the song, and then the group Il Divo did the same with their part.
On August 1, 2005 Celine Dion performed at the Montreal Casino in Montreal, Canada. Celine´s husband, Rene Angelil, presided a black jack tournament at the Casino de Montréal to raise money for the André-Delambre Foundation. At the end of the tounament, Celine took part in the event surprising everybody and going on the stage. She joined the singer Nanette Workman to perform in duet with her the song "Love can move mountains".
On August 6, 2005 at the golf club Le Mirage, in Terrebonne, Canada, many personalities as Celine Dion gathered together to take part to a benefit party organized by the Achille-Tanguay Foundation managed by Celine´s mother Thérèse Tanguay. Celine and her husband Rene Angelil were photographed with Heidi Hollinger and Claude J. Charron.
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On August 16, 2005 Celine Dion appeared on a video message during the broadcast of the final episode of the American dance competition and reality show "So You Think You Can Dance", aired on FOX channel in USA. The video message was taped at Celine´s dressing room in the Caesars Palace. The dancer who won that night, received a one-year performing contract to join Celine and the cast of the show "A New Day..." at the Colosseum of the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA.
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On August 27, 2005 Heather Tanner met Celine Dion at her dressing room at the Caesars Palace of Las Vegas, USA where Celine was performing with the show "A New Day...". After 28 minutes of talking with Celine, which is a feat in itself given that the fans are usually only given 15 minutes each to meet with her, Heather and her family made their way to the concert hall where Celine was performing. Heather listened intently to her favorite star sing beautiful music. When the show was ending, it came time for Celine to pick a fan to give a single red rose to. Though she was ecstatic, Heather made it through the meet and greet and the entire concert without shedding one tear of happiness. It was only when Celine handed her the single red rose that her tears of joy began falling. In an act of kindness and deep sincerity Celine sat down with Heather while the show was going, picked her up, sat her in her lap and held her until she stopped crying. It was truly the night of her life. Though they were to return home sooner, Heather and her family had to stay a little longer because of a severe sinus infection that was hindering her ability to travel. After seeing a Pulmonologist and being cleared for the air, Heather returned home.
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