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The Colour Of My Love Tour [ general ]

"The Colour of My Love Tour" was a concert tour by Celine Dion organized to support the album "The Colour Of My Love", wich was released on November 9, 1993.
...> About The Tour
The set list included mainly songs from "The Colour of My Love" and Celine´s previous English albums. But there were also few French songs and covers of "Calling you," "River deep, mountain high", and "Can´t help falling in love". At first, Celine performed 2 concerts in September 1993 in Quebec City, Canada, which were later used for the TV specials and a home video release. Another 2 concerts in Quebec were performed in November 1993, to mark the release of a new album. However, the real tour started on February 11, 1994 in San Francisco, United States. After 10 concerts in the United States, Dion went on the Canadian sold out leg of the tour, which included 6 concerts in the Montreal Forum and a show before 10,000 people in Hamilton among others. Between April 26 and May 1, 1994 Dion sang in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan at the David Foster tribute concerts. They were recorded for a TV special: "JT Super Producers 94". Celine sang "The power of love", "Beauty and the beast" (with Peabo Bryson) and "Love lights the world" (with Bryson and Color Me Badd). The shows were staged and directed by Tony Greco. Three concerts between April 26-28 were performed in Nippon Budokan, and one on May 1 in Osaka-jō Hall. From June 8 to August 27, 1994, Celine toured the United States with Michael Bolton. They performed in twenty-thousand-seat-arenas, and in the "sheds" that open onto natural amphitheaters. It was their second, sold out tour. In September/October 1994, Celine performed few shows in Europe, including 3 concerts at the Paris Olympia in France. In November she gave another 3 shows in Canada, and in December 1994 she sang in Japan, this time with her own show. Celine also toured Europe again in May 1995, including a sold-out concert at HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London. Singer Paul Wayne did the opening act during concerts in U.S, Mario Pelchat during concerts in Canada and Marc Dupré during concerts in France. The Barra MacNeils also did an opening act.
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...> Broadcasts And Recordings
The September 7-8, 1993 concerts at Le Théàtre Capitole, Quebec City, Canada were filmed and aired at CTV in December 1993 and the Disney Channel in February 1994. The concerts were conceived, staged and directed by Tony Greco. They were used for "The Colour Of My Love Concert" home video. In September 1994, during a series of sold-out shows at the Paris Olympia, France, Celine recorded, on the 28th and 29th, a live album. It has been released at the end of the year, under the title "À l´Olympia". However, the video was never released.
...> Songs Set List
1. "Ce n´était qu´un rêve" 1
2. "Everybody´s talkin' my baby down"
3. "Where does my heart beat now"
4. "If you asked me to"
5. "Only one road"
6. "Beauty and the beast"
7. "Misled"
8. "Calling you"
9. "L´amour existe encore" 2
10. "Je danse dans ma tête"
11. "Unison"
12. "When I fall in love"
13. "Think twice"
14. "River deep, mountain high"
15. "Love can move mountains"
16. "Pour que tu m´aimes encore" 3
17. "The colour of my love"
18. "The power of love"
19. "Can´t help falling in love"
1 Performed at the Montreal Forum.
2 Not performed on May 31 1994, in Kitchener, Canada.
3 Performed during the final May 1995 leg of the tour.
1. "Des mots qui sonnent"
2. "Where does my heart beat now"
3. "L´amour existe encore"
4. "Je danse dans ma tête"
5. "Calling you"
6. "Elle"
7. "Oxygène"
8. Medley Starmania:
----1. "Quand on arrive en ville"
----2. "Les uns contre les autres"
----3. "Le monde est stone"
----4. "Naziland, ce soir on danse"
9. "Le blues du businessman"
10. "Le fils de superman"
11. "Love can move mountains"
12. "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)"
13. "The power of love"
14. "Quand on n´a que l´amour"
For this tour, was distributed a tour programme, in French and English. There were only few copies available. As far as it knows, this programme was sold at limited places where Celine did a concert in 1994.
...> About The Programme
This tour programme is mostly a photo album, with very little text in it. The pictures are great, especially the series of shots taken backstage and during rehearsals for the concerts. It contains photos from Celine with Rene Angelil. This programme also features the band list, a pull-out poster, song lyrics and a personal greeting from Celine. It contains 20 pages and its dimensions are 24 x 30 centimeter.
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