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Celine Dion Tour [ general ]

Starting on July 11, 1992, Celine Dion´s "Celine Dion Tour" was a concert tour organised to support the album "Celine Dion", wich was released on March 31, 1992. The tour consisted of 51 shows held between July 13 1992 and May 13, 1993.
...> About The Tour
During the summer of 1992, Celine Dion did an American tour, as the opening act for Michael Bolton. They kicked off the "Time, Love and Tenderness Tour" on July 13, 1992 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California, USA. In the space of one month, they performed the show in twenty-thousand-seat-arenas. Celine was also joining Bolton during the song "Hold on, I´m comin". According to Celine, the opening for Michael Bolton was exhausting, particularly because she had to change cities every day. "But we were finally doing what we had always dreamed of doing: working in the country that created the big time", Celine has said. In the beginning, Celine performed for very restless, impatient audiences who were waiting to hear Michael Bolton and weren´t interested in her. "I had a defective sound system and very little space because the stage was taken up by the mixers and instruments for the main act". What´s more, the concerts were held outdoors, and it was still daylight when Celine went onstage. Anyway and little by little, a rumor started to circulate that Celine´s show was definitely worth getting to the theater early to see. Eventually Rene Angelil was able to convince the producers to begin the show a half hour later. By the end of the tour, Celine had good lighting and a better sound system. Between August 1992 and March 1993 she toured Quebec, Canada. In August 1992, in front of more than 45,000 people, Celine took part in a historic concert at Le Parc des Iles on Ste-Hélène island to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Montreal, Canada. She performed duets with Aaron Neville, Peabo Bryson and The Atlanta Super Choir in a concert that was later aired on the CBC´s "Les Beaux Dimanches". On March 23, 1993 Celine started her English-language Canada leg of the tour, with five sold out concerts at the Montreal Forum. This last leg included 28 dates. The 75,000 tickets that went on sale were sold in 5 hours. According to Le Soleil issue from November 17, 1993, Celine gave 17 concerts at Capitole Theatre, Quebec City since its opening in November 1992 with an average of 1,300 tickets sold per show. She was the most profitable act for the venue. Celine typically performed 15 songs during her 90-minute shows. The set list included mainly songs from her latest English album "Celine Dion", but also few from her previous albums ("Unison" and "Dion Chante Plamondon") and three covers: "Sorry seems to be the hardest word, ,"Can´t help falling in love" and "(You make me feel like) A natural woman". Celine was supposed to sing in Campbellton and Caraquet in May 1993, but these concerts were cancelled because of death of her niece Karine. It was announced that they will be rescheduled later that summer. Additional 4 concerts which Celine had to postpone after Karine´s death were performed in September 1993. During the September 7-8, 1993 concerts, Celine performed songs from her upcoming album "The Colour Of My Love". Singer Anthony Kavanagh did the opening act at Celine´s shows in Quebec, Canada. In the rest of the country, Lennie Gallant did some opening acts. Some of the concerts of the tour were actually special performances for some festivals like the "Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières", "Montréal au rythme des Amériques", "Canadian National Exhibition" and the "Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival".
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...> Songs Set List
1. "Des mots qui sonnent"
2. "Where does my heart beat now"
3. "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"
4. "Love can move mountains"
5. "If you asked me to"
6. "Did you give enough love"
7. "Beauty and the beast"
8. "Water from the moon"
9. "With this tear"
10. "Nothing broken but my heart"
11. "Can´t help falling in love"
12. "(You make me feel like) A natural woman"
13. "Unison"
14. "Je danse dans ma tête"
15. "L´amour existe encore"
...> Additional Notes
Set list included many covers as "Sorry seems to be the hardest word", "(You make me feel like) A natural woman" and many others. The song "Hold on, I´m comin" in duet with Michael Bolton only was performed during Celine´s opening acts for Bolton´s tour in USA.
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