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Sans Attendre Tour [ general ]

The "Sans Attendre Tour" was the tenth concert tour by Celine Dion. The tour was organized to support the highly successful French language album "Sans Attendre", which has sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide. Also known as "Tournée Européene 2013", it was Celine´s first dedicated Francophone tour since the "D´eux Tour" in 1995-1996. With only nine concerts performed, it was also the shortest tour of Celine´s career.
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...> About The Tour
According to producer Gilbert Coullier, speaking on France Bleu 107.1, the European "mini-tour" was originally planned to cover both the Francophone and Anglophone markets (including the UK and Germany), allowing Celine to promote her latest French and English releases simultaneously. However, due to the postponement of the English album, the Anglophone section of the tour was cancelled. The Francophone part of the tour went ahead as planned, celebrating the highly successful 2012 album "Sans Attendre" in Belgium and France. On June 19, 2013 a sixth show in Paris, France was announced, to take place on December 4, 2013. On August 27, 2013 a seventh show in Paris was announced, to take place on December 5, 2013. This brings the total number of concerts in the tour to nine. The tour saw Celine perform two shows in Antwerp, Belgium, and five sold-out shows in Paris, France. The setlist was very similar to that of "Celine... Une Seule Fois", a special one-off outdoor show in Quebec, Canada during the summer of 2013. However, there were some changes made to the show in preparation for the European concerts. The songs "Je n´ai pas besoin d´amour", "L´amour existe encore", and the Luc Plamondon medley of "Je danse dans ma tête", "Des mots qui sonnent" and "Incognito" were not performed. However, certain songs were added to the European setlist. Two additional new English-language songs, "Water and a flame" and "At seventeen", were added at the start of the tour, as well as Celine´s first English-language hit from 1990, "Where does my heart beat now". Two rarely-performed French singles, "Tout l´or des hommes" and "Immensité", were also included. The song "Regarde-moi", although planned for the Quebec show but never performed, was finally added to the setlist for the Paris shows, marking the first time it had been performed on stage since the "Millennium Concert". "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)" was also performed in France, repeating the same setlist differences seen during the "Taking Chances Tour", with "L´amour existe encore" only being performed in Quebec, Canada and "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)" only being performed in Europe. Celine also wore the same outfits in Europe as she did in Quebec during "Celine... Une Seule Fois". However, in Europe, the dress worn for "My heart will go on" was different, and it was worn until the very end of the show. Therefore the white outfit with the long, gold jacket worn in Quebec was never featured in the European shows. The French tenor singer Vincent Niclo did the opening act for Celine´s concerts in Antwerpand Paris.
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...> Songs Set List
1. Introduction: "Je ne vous oublie pas" [ performed acapella ]
2. "Dans un autre monde"
3. "Parler à mon père"
4. Medley: "It´s all coming back to me now"/"The power of love"
5. "On ne change pas"
6. "Destin"
7. "Immensité"
8. "Qui peut vivre sans amour?"
9. "Je crois toi"
10. "La mer et l´enfant"
11. "Celle qui m´a tout appris"
12. "Where does my heart beat now"
13. "Terre"
14. "Tout l´or des hommes"
15. "Regarde-moi" 1
16. "Loved me back to life"
17. "Water and a flame"
18. "At seventeen" 1
19. "Je sais pas"
20. "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)" 1
21. "S´il suffisait d´aimer"
22. "All by myself"
23. "J´irai où tu iras" [ ft. Marc Langis ]
24. Medley: "Love can move mountains"/"River deep, mountain high"
25. "My heart will go on"
26. "Pour que tu m´aimes encore"
27. "Le miracle" 1
28. Final: "Je ne vous oublie pas" [ performed acapella ]
1 performed at selected concerts
...> Additional Notes
- "At seventeen" and "Le miracle" were only performed during the November 21, 2013 performance at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium.
- On November 21 and 22, 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium "Je sais pas" was performed earlier the in show, before "Loved me back to life".
- On November 25, 2013 the first show in Paris, France "Regarde-moi" and "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)" were added to the setlist.
- On November 26, 2013 "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)" was performed before "Terre", and "Je sais pas" was performed before "Loved me back to life" (as it was during the Antwerp shows).
- From November 30, 2013 till December 5, 2013 "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)" and "S´il suffisait d´aimer" were performed earlier in the show, in between "Water and a flame" and "Je sais pas".
- On December 1, 2013 "Water and a flame" was performed before "Loved me back to life". "Loved me back to life" was performed in its original key for the first time on the tour.
...> Promotion
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For this tour, was distributed a tour programme, only in French. It was sold at all concerts Celine did with the "Sans Attendre Tour" in 2013 (Belgium and France).
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...> About The Program
This very unique tour programme features 27 pages full of photos from Celine including some from the photo session for the album "Sans Attendre" (by photographer Alix Malka), photos from the session made for the "V" magazine (2012), photos from the shooting of the music video of "Parler à mon père", and photos from the tour personnel. It also contains a 2-pages poster of Celine, special stuff of each member of the tour personnel, and a personal greeting from Celine. It contains 30 pages in total, and its dimensions are 30 x 30 centimeter.
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