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Events [ 2013 ] June

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On June 9, 2013 Celine Dion was photographed with Deon Ridley, one of her former dancers on her previous residency show "A New Day...", on backstage of her residency show "Celine", at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
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On June 12, 2013 Celine Dion took part in the closing night party for the U.S. Travel Association´s International Pow Wow at the Garden of the Gods Pool at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Celine wore a creation by Burberry Prorsum.
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On June 18, 2013 Celine Dion met Amy Nadine, a make-up artist, along with Amy´s father, on backstage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The same day, Celine also met with a fan.
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On June 26, 2013 Celine Dion met with Vincent Niclo, a french singer, on backstage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She also met with Franck Saurat, a french television producer, and Edoardo Grassi.
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On June 28, 2013 Celine Dion, and her husband and manager Rene Angelil, attended the premiere of "Véronic Voices", Véronic DiCaire´s new show at the Bally´s in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Celine wore a creation by Roland Mouret. Celine has a mischievous plan afoot if she ever takes unexpected absences from her resident headliner shows at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace. She would let singing impressionist Veronic stand in for her. "I could take a few days off. Her voice is better than mine", she joked to me on the red carpet at the official opening of "Veronic Voices". At the red-carpet celebration of her official opening, celebrities alongside Celine, Rene and Veronic included Paris headliner Taylor Hicks, Chippendales at the Rio guest host Ian Ziering, Paris headliner Anthony Cools, Harrah´s headliner Chris Allen (“Defending the Caveman”), Harrah´s headliner Mac King, "Jubilee!" showgirls from Bally´s, Luxor headliner Carrot Top, Venetian headliners Human Nature, hypnotist Marc Savard, artist Michael Godard, singer Jon Secada and Stratosphere headliner Claire Sinclair. Twice during opening night, Celine led a standing ovation, cheering along with the audience. After the show, Sun Senior Editor Don Chareunsy reported that audience members mobbed Celine for photographs and that she graciously talked with a few lucky fans. Nightlife czar Victor Drai hosted the afterparty at his nearby, temporarily located Drai´s After Hours in Bally´s.
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On June 28, 2013 after the premiere of "Véronic Voices", Véronic DiCaire´s new show at the Bally´s in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Celine Dion and Véronic speak during an interview at the Jubilee Theatre in Las Vegas, USA. "I´m not looking to make friends in the business because I want to do my job, I want to have a good time and go home to my family", Celine said in the interview with The Associated Press, sitting on stage next to a protege with whom she casually chatted in French. "But Veronic, it´s a different scenario. I´m not quite sure why. I want her to be my friend. I love her. I respect her very, very much". "You´ve seen impersonators, you´ve seen men doing women, and women doing men", Celine said. "Sometimes it´s funny, and sometimes it´s so exaggerated. We´ve seen it all. With Veronic it´s very, very different".
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