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Events [ 2012 ] September

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In September 2012 Celine Dion appeared on the cover of the September issue of famous magazine "Vegas", published in USA. The magazine´s cover features a gorgeous Celine´s new photo. In the interview published, Celine discusses her career, her Las Vegas show and her admiration for singer Adele. She revealed that she loves "literally everything about her. I love her extreme talent. I love her writing. Her songs come from the soul. She´s incredibly beautiful. And I think it´s very refreshing to see, and don´t get me wrong when I say this, somebody who is not looking extremely anorexic". Celine has never met Adele and says "It´s going to be bad when I meet her. I´m going to give her the biggest hug. I´m not kidding". Celine also talked abot her family. "I wake up and help feed my 23-month-old twins, Eddy and Nelson, and soon I´m covered in yogurt, strawberries, cereal, you name it", Celine, 44, says with a laugh. Although she confesses to having a weakness for great fashion designers, "I don´t think fashion would mean anything if I didn´t have happiness in my life. The kids set the mood for me". They also published some new photos from Celine with some gorgeous outfits: a long-sleeved cocktail dress by Neiman Marcus; a yellow mini dress by Atelier Versace; a royal blue sequin dress by Neiman Marcus.
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On September 13, 2012 Celine Dion appeared during the broadcast of an interview at the famous American entertainment television news program "Extra", aired on Syndicated channel in USA. They showed an interview with Celine, made by correspondent Adrianna Costa, recorded on August 20, 2012 at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA. "I come here [to Caesars Palace], focus and do my job as professional as I can and go home to be a mom as quick as I can", Celine said to Adrianna. "I have thought about being with Mariah Carey and doing something with her, yeah, definitely, but to join American Idol and be a judge kind of thing? no. I have too much on my plate? and the time off I have, I´m not looking for a job. I really want to be home with my kids", she said.
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On September 26, 2012 Celine Dion arrived to Montreal, Quebec Canada to start with the promotion of the upcoming French album, "Sans Attendre". Celine arrived to the Montreal International Airport in Dorval, on her private jet, and accompanied by her family: her husband and manager Rene Angelil; her sons, Rene Charles and the twins (Eddy and Nelson), and her mother, Thérèse Tanguay Dion. Celine was interviewed by Jean-Philippe Dion for a segment aired later during the TV documentary "Accès Illimité : Céline Dion", aired on November 9, 2012 on TVA channel in Quebec, Canada.
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