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Ma Vie, Mon Rêve [ book ]

"Ma Vie, Mon Rêve" is an authorized biography book in French about Celine Dion, written by Celine Dion and Georges-Hebert Germain, and published December 22, 2000 by Robert Laffont. Its English version, titled "My Story, My Dream" was translated by Bruce Benderson and it was published on December 4, 2001 by William Morrow & Company in USA.
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...> About The Book
"Ma Vie, Mon Rêve" (meaning "My Life, My Dream" in English) is an auto-biography, in wich Celine has contributed to different steps of the writing. It was co-written by Georges-Hebert Germain, who has already wrote on Celine with the authorized biography titled "Celine" (1997) and "Celine: The Authorized Biography" (English version from 1998). The English version of "Ma Vie, Mon Rêve" was renamed "My Story, My Dream". This book presents the feeling and spirit wich Celine went through during different moments in her life and career. The book is also an unforgettable true story of courage, perseverance, dedication, and devotion, told with the wide-eyed honesty of someone who has basked in the glowing adoration of millions of fans but has never lost touch with her working-class roots. Here is a book for anyone who has ever wondered about the real person behind the magnificent voice. Touching and funny, fascinating and uplifting, it is an exquisitely detailed portrait of a remarkable woman who has never backed away from any challenge, even the most daunting challenges of the heart. It´s a great book to complement to "Celine: The Authorized Biography", as it presents less facts and mainly relies on the exploration of Celine the woman, and not Celine the singer. The book was published in several languages​​, to the delight of fans around the world. It contains 293 pages and 32 photos (in 16 pages).
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...> About The Author
Georges-Hébert Germain, born in Les Écureuils, Quebec, Canada on August 20, 1944, is a journalist, columnist, critic, commentator, writer, novelist, biographer and essayist. He earned a degree in geography from the Université de Montréal, after a degree. He worked in several media such as La Presse, "Nous" Magazine, Perspectives, Forum, Télé-Métropole, Hobo-Québec, CKAC, Autrement, En Route, Canadian Geographic, Châtelaine, L´actualité, Radio-Québec, Radio-Canada and the ONF. His novel "Souvenir de Monica" is the basis of the screenplay to the film "Monica La Mitraille" in 2004. Germain travelled with Celine Dion and her entourage for more than one year, and has written this book, inspiring portrait of one of the world´s best-loved vocal artists.
...> Preview Of Pages
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...> French Edition
Titled "Ma Vie, Mon Rêve" released on December 22, 2000 by Robert Laffont (hardcover).
...> English Edition
Titled "My Story, My Dream" released on December 4, 2001 by William Morrow & Company in USA (hardcover).
...> British Edition
Simply named "My Story" by HarperCollins (hardcover).
...> Special Edition
Published by Avon Books, the book´s covers features New York Times review: "A remarkable story" (paperback).
...> Hungarian Edition
Titled "Életem, Az Álmon", written in Hungarian and published by Etoile Kiado (hardcover).
...> Chinese Edition
...> Taiwanese Edition
...> Romanian Edition
Titled "Visul Meu, Povestea Mea", written in Romanian.
...> German Edition
Titled "Mein Leben, Mein Traum", written in German (hardcover and paperback).
...> Quebec Edition
Titled "Ma Vie, Mon Rêve" with different fonts (hardcover).
...> UK Edition
Titled "My Story, My Dream" with different cover and fonts.
...> Slovak edition
Titled "Môj Život Ako Sen", written in Slovak and published by Remedium (hardcover).
...> French Alternative Cover Edition
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