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Les Chemins De Ma Maison Tournée [ tour dates ]

Below are the tour dates with concerts performed, detailed by city, country and venue of each one. Note that the list may not includes all the tour dates.
Date City Country Venue
North America
July 28, 1984 Quebec City Canada Vieux Ports
July 29, 1984
October 25, 1984 Moulins France -----
October 26, 1984 Mâcon France -----
October 27, 1984 Annecy France -----
October 29, 1984 Angers France -----
October 30, 1984 Chartres France -----
October 31, 1984 Corbeil France -----
November 6, 1984 Paris Canada Paris Olympia
December 9, 1984
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