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Events [ 1987 ] September

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On September 27, 1987 a TV special entire dedicated to Celine´s new album "Incognito", titled "Spécial Incognito" was premiered on Radio-Canada channel in Quebec, Canada. As part of the promotion for Celine´s album "Incognito", was filmed this TV special wich features several performances mixed with acting numbers. The TV special was directed by Jacques Payette and a group of researchers who´d worked very closely with Celine. They asked her what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be. "I want something theatrical", she told the crew. "I want disguise, I want to dance, and sing, of course - all kinds of things, even opera". They began by creating an entire array of characters: a hot-blooded Lolita, a Garbo-style vamp, a hell-bent rock queen, a little girl who´d grown up too fast, an arrogantly beautiful model. They added two American standards to the list of songs: "My heart belongs to daddy" and "Chattanooga choo choo". That September evening on the television set, people discovered a sexy young woman of nineteen who could move onstage and knew how to dance. Who could charm the pants off an audience with her extraordinarily powerful, supple and sensual voice. The TV special features the music video of the song "Incognito" and performances of the songs "Partout je te vois", "Lolita (trop jeune pour aimer)", "Delivre-moi", "My hearts belong to daddy", "Chatanooga choo choo", "On traverse un miroir", "Jours de fièvre", "Seulement qu´une aventure" and "Comme un coeur froid". In reference to this TV special, Celine has said "I worked with researchers and the director on the concept for that broadcast. While doing that variety show, I discovered the great pleasure that lies in doing comedy and becoming different kinds of characters. From the very first meetings, they spent hours asking me what I wanted to do and be. I answered that I wanted to do everything, which kind of alarmed them. I want to make them laugh, make them cry, I want to dance, I want to sing rock and opera, new songs and old hits, in French and in English, I told them. I wanted to have a lot of costumes and play a Garbo-like vamp, a Lolita, a goody-goody, a suburban lady, a tomboy, an ingenue, a rock star. Actually, what I wanted to do most was seduce Rene Angelil. The best way to do it was to be every woman at the same time. Maybe I didn´t say it then, but today it seems completely obvious. Rene always took care of everything. He obviously wanted to approve all my costumes. I´d prepared about a half dozen with the researchers, the director, and the wardrobe people. One day I did a kind of fashion show for him in a soulless space lit by neon, two or three floors belowground in the basement of Radio Canada headquarters. I had two very daring costumes that I really liked, but he nixed them immediately. He said they´d shock people. The show we were preparing was for a general family audience on a Sunday evening. I was disappointed. I really would have liked to shock a little. But I was consoled to know that he´d seen me. I hadn´t left him indiffer-ent" (from an extract of the book "My Story, My Dream").
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