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Events [ 1981 ] December

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On December 1, 1981 Celine Dion appeared on a Radio show named "LaVie Quotidienne", hosted by Renee Larochelle and Pierre Paquette. The hosters received the young Celine of 13 years old in interview. Celine talked to them about her career, her family and her studies.
December 1981 - Celine Dion and her manager Rene Angelil on the launching of the album "Céline Dion Chante Noël" in Quebec, Canada.
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During the summer of 1981, Celine Dion did the honors several times for the famolus Montreal Expos games at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She even had a special Expos uniform made for her. Just before the first game, the announcer told the crowd that the US and Canadian national anthems would be sung by "a thirteen-year-old girl, Celine Dion". Microphone in hand, she ran onto the field up to the mound and facing the crowd, the players and the TV camaras, she performed "O Canada" and "The star splanged banner". She had no idea what the words of the second song meant since she´d learned them by heart. But she wasn´t afraid. The crowd and the cameras didn´t scare her. The anthems moved her and her voice soared. Celine was invited to this event by Rodger Brulotte, a former Major League Baseball broadcaster, who met Celine on the Michel Jasmin´s show days before. That was a great offer, but it wasn´t exactly the start to her career she had imagined. Rene Angelil, manager of Celine, explained the situation to her: "They´re giving you a great opportunity. You´ll be seen by a million people in Quebec, and even beyond. And you must never forget the guy who´s offering you this opportunity. In this business we must never forget the people that help us, so when Rodger Brulotte asks us for something later on, we´ll have to agree". In reference to this event, Celine has said: "Several times over the summer I sang the national anthems at the beginning of baseball games at the Olympic stadium in Montreal. Mike in hand, I ran right up to the pitcher´s mound, and in front of the crowd and the television cameras, wearing the uniform of the Expos, I launched into the anthems. The next day, I watched myself five, six times. Without comment" (from an extract of the book "My Story, My Dream").
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