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Events [ 2008 ] September

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On September 1, 2008 Celine Dion gave a press conference at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada early before a concert with the "Taking Chances Tour", to announce she will provide her voice, with a song, for the Japanese language film titled “Maboroshi no Yamataikoku”. She will sing in a bilingual version of the song, “A world to believe in”. Celine said she studied the lyrics and their meaning in great detail before doing her belting. "Thank goodness Japanese pronunciation is easy to learn, even you don´t know what you are saying or singing", she said. At the beginning of 2008, Celine has re-recorded this song as a duet with the young Japanese singer, Yuna Ito released as a single in Japan. The melody was re-composed and Japanese lyrics were added for the film. "It´s an honor for me to sing a song for a Japanese film, starring one of Japan´s most famous actresses", said Celine.
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On September 1, 2008 after a concert with the "Taking Chances Tour" at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada, Celine Dion and her husband, Rene Angelil returned to their house in Laval, the largest suburb of Montreal. There, they met with their son, Rene Charles.
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On September 8, 2008 Celine Dion took part on the taping of the famous American syndicated talk show "The Oprah Winfrey Show", hosted and produced by its namesake Oprah Winfrey and aired on Syndicated channel in USA the next day. On this episode, the TV show gave an special surprise to the Filipina recording artist and actress, Charice Pempengco, who is also a big fan of Celine. Celine appeared on a big screen via satellite from Washington, D.C. and told to Charice "I can tell you that we have lots of things in common. I was very shy too. And I also had a mother -still have a mother- who is my strength". "You have more talent than most people. You can sing. You can speak and sing with your heart. You can play guitar. You can draw. And you can have dreams" said Celine. And because Charice shares so much of her talent with others, Celine wanted to give Charice something in return. "I´m going to be singing at Madison Square Garden, and I would love to ask you to come and sing a duet with me", she said. "Maybe we can sing Because you loved me, and maybe we can dedicate this song to your mother".
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On September 13, 2008 Celine Dion was photographed leaving her hotel in New York, USA and going to the Nassau Coliseum in Unionlade, USA to continue performing with the "Taking Chances Tour". Celine signed some autographs for her fans.
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On September 14, 2008 Celine Dion appeared on interview during the broadcast of the TV special titled "Céline Dion À Coeur Ouvert" on TV5 channel in France. This 52 minute interview with Celine made by Denise Bombardier, was recorded in Monte Carlo, Monaco last July 2008. It´s a retrospective journey where Celine goes back through her 20 year career, her large family life, and also discusses her plans for the future. Bombardier is a prominent journalist in Quebec media, and is preparing a book on Dion. She also wrote a song for Celine called "La diva", wich was included on the album "D´Elles".
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On September 15, 2008 Celine Dion was photographed leaving her hotel in New York, USA. She signed some autographs to her fans.
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On September 15, 2008 Celine Dion was on rehearsals at the Madison Square Garden in New York, USA for a concert with the "Taking Chances Tour". There, she met with the famous Filipina recording artist and actress, Clarice Pempengco. They rehearsed the song "Because you loved me". Celine also met Charice´s mother.
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On September 15, 2008 Celine Dion was on backstage at the Madison Square Garden in New York, USA. She was photographed before the concert in her dressing room and with Charice Pempengco, who performed in duet with Celine that night. After the concert, Celine said goodby to Charice and her mother, and then she left the Madison Square Garden.
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On September 16, 2008 on backstage before a concert at the Madison Square Garden with the "Taking Chances Tour", Celine Dion met with one of the dancers of the tour, Addie Yungmee, to talk about her experience with Addie during the tour, because that night was the last concert for this dancer.
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On September 16, 2008 Celine Dion was on rehearsals at the Madison Square Garden for a concert with the "Taking Chances Tour".
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On September 18, 2008 Celine Dion was photographed leaving her hotel in New York, USA. She signed some autographs to her fans.
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On September 18, 2008 Celine Dion met with a big fan of her named, Shirley.
On September 19, 2008 Celine Dion was on shopping in New York, USA.
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On September 19, 2008 Celine Dion appeared on the cover of the magazine "Vita", a new lifestyle magazine for women. The magazine, dedicated to ladies over 40, is available in the Quebec, Canada. The official launch took place in Montreal.
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On September 23, 2008 Celine Dion appeared on interview during the broadcast of the famous American talk show "The Rachael Ray Show", hosted by Rachael Ray and aired on Syndication channel in USA. On this episode, Rachael takes a look behind the scenes of Celines "Taking Chances Tour" concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York, USA. To support the superstar Rachael brought a homemade minestrone soup and rice pudding. "Did you know that I like cooking?" Celine asks Rachael, who´s surprised. "They think I´m starving myself, that I don´t eat, that I exercise all the time. It´s not true", Celine said. "I´m very energetic; you lose a lot of calories". Rachael then notes they have something big in common, they both turned 40 this year. While Rachael celebrated on the show, Celine headed across the globe. "I was in Australia. We had this view all around us on top of the hotel in a restaurant, my friends and family were there, and somebody put together a video for me", she said. "And I could see myself with my newborn and my dad who passed away, so it was very emotional. And I have to tell you that 40 is extraordinary".
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