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深情交融 [ promo ]

"深情交融" (in Chinese) meaning in English "Blending deep love" or "Soulful blend" (literally), is a promotional DVD by Celine Dion and Il Divo released in 2005 by Sony Music and BMG.
...> About The Promo
"深情交融" can be translate as "Blending deep love", or literally as "Soulful blend" or maybe "Mix of soul". Is a promotional DVD by Celine and the multinational operatic pop vocal group Il Divo released in 2005. It was available for free (not for sale) for those who bought or the "On Ne Change Pas" album from Celine or the two "Il Divo" albums ("Il Divo" and "Ancora"), in certain stores in China. This was the first time Chinese fans could get something really rare about Celine, not released in other regions. The promo DVD contains six music video (three from Celine and three from Il Divo). The DVD´s cover features the picture of Celine´s face used on the "On Ne Change Pas" album mixed with a picture from Il Divo.
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...> Track Listing
1. "Je ne vous oublie pas" [ music video ]
2. "Tous les secrets" [ music video ]
3. "Let your heart decide" [ music video ]
4. "Si tu me amas" [ live video ] [ Il Divo ]
5. "Isabel" [ live video ] [ Il Divo ]
6. "Heroe" [ live video ] [ Il Divo ]
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