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Concerts [ 2008 ] part 7

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On June 28, 2008 Celine Dion performed at the Błonia Park in Kraków, Poland with the "Taking Chances Tour". Originally there supposed to be 8 tribunes and organisers expected 60.000 people, but only 4 tribunes were build. The day before the concert, organisers said that they are expecting 30,000 people but maybe half of this made it to the show. So it wasn´t used the center stage specially designed for the tour. Natalia Lesz did the opening act. Celine performed "I drove all night", "The power of love", "Taking chances", "It´s all coming back to me now", "Because you love me", "To love you more", "Eyes on me", "All by myself", "I´m alive" (a remix version), "Shadow of love", "I´m your angel" in duet with Barnev Valsaint, "Alone", "Pour que tu m´aimes encore", "My love", "The prayer" in duet with Andrea Bocelli (who appeared on a pre-recorded video), the Queen medley with "We will rock you" and "The show must go on", "It´s a man´s world", "Love can move mountains", "River deep mountain high" and "My heart will go on". During the speech before the song "Taking Chances", there was no word about Celine´s mother and son. She was only talking about warm welcome in Poland and she was really touched. Celine was totally into the show, enjoying every second of it. She had standing ovation after "All by myself", everyone was dancing and clapping during "I´m Alive". Just before "My love" she started to play with the crowd singing "whoa" and other shoutings and the crowd was repeating it all. And then she sang something very long, impossible to repeat and everyone was laughing and clapping. After that she laid on stage and said she is staying there. She also sang with the corwd "We are family" as she said they could do the tour with her. So after all this fun it was hard to change the mood to sing "My love". So she didn´t cry. But the funny thing is when she started to introduce the song, the crowd was shouting "My love" and she was impressed they knew what it´s going to be next and she smiled. Everyone was standing during "We will rock you" and "The show must go on". And people were dancing during "Love can move mountains" and "River deep, mountain high", and "My heart will go on" was sang by the whole standing crowd. At the end of that last song, Celine said "Dzięki" which means "Thanks" and it was pretty funny and cool. Just right before the concert, Celine received a platinum record for selling 10 copies of "Taking Chances" (10 copies is platinum in Poland).
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On July 1, 2008 Celine Dion performed at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria with the "Taking Chances World Tour".
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On July 3, 2008 Celine Dion performed at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy with the "Taking Chances World Tour".
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On July 7, 2008 Celine Dion performed in Arras, France at the Main Square of the city with the "Taking Chances World Tour". For this show, it wasn´t used the center stage specially designed for the tour. Celine performed the Francophone set list of the tour during on a very rainy night. Vox Angeli and Michaël Gregorio made the opening acts.
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On July 9, 2008 Celine Dion performed at the Stade de Genève in Geneva, Switzerland with the "Taking Chances Tour" in front of about 24,000 people. Michael Gregorio did the opening act. Celine appeared on stage in her short mauve dress. She first sang "I drove all night". After that song Celine said hello to Geneva and told the audience that it had been too long since her last concert there 10 years ago. She also said that 20 years ago she won the Eurosong contest for Switzerland and that she was very proud that the audience trusted her at that time. She also said how much she enjoyed touring the world with her family. Then she sang "Destin" and "Taking chances". Then Celine went to her changing room and Mego played his flamenco. At the end of the flamenco, Celine appeared with her white cloak, her high black leather boots and her shinny white-silver-and-black dress, and "Eyes on me" was on. The wind in her cloak, the dancers, the end of the song with the dancer standing close to Celine, it was really sexy . When the dancer left after the song she made a kind of funny face. "Ziggy" was the next song, sang by Celine with a lot of emotion. The next one, "Dans un autre monde", was more energetic, Celine went constantly from one side of the scene to the other. And then it was time for "All by myself". Before singing the famous part of the song where she has to reach that special note, the audience could see that Celine was regrouping her energy and concentrating on reaching the note. The music stopped and she sang that part a capella. At the end of the song, she laid on the scene, then went again to her changin room. After a transition, Celine came back on stage with her black pants, black top and shining waitcoast, looked a bit like a seventies singer. "I´am alive" (a remix version) was the first song of this new "chapter" of the concert. It was followed but a moving "Je sais pas" and an extraordinary "My love". Celine told to the audience that this song from her new album was very special for her, moving her deeply each time she sang it. She began the song a capella. At the end of the song, the entire crowd was standing, clapping, shouting words of love to a deeply moved Celine. She introduced the next song by telling that amongst the many love songs that Jean-Jacques Goldman has written for her, the one that totally represents the essence of love is "S´il suffisait d´aimer". Again the crowd was hysterical at the end of this song. Then came "Alone", the Queen medley with "We will rock you" and "The show must go on", "Love can move mountains", "It´s a man´s man´s man´s world", "River deep mountain high", "My heart will go on" and "Pour que tu m´aimes encore". So "The power of love" was not performed. Celine and her band made a final good bye and they were gone. On the screen, you could read: "Merci, Love, Céline...". In total, she sang for one hour and forty minutes. For this show, it wasn´t used the center stage specially designed for the tour, so it was used a simple one with the entire public sitting in from of it and Celine was performing with a huge screen behind her.
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