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Dans la main d´un magicien / Listen to the magic man [ singles ]

"Dans la main d´un magicien" and "Listen to the magic man" are two songs recorded by Celine Dion and released as the first singles from the movie soundtrack titled "Opération Beurre De Pinottes". Were released in 1986 in Quebec, Canada. These songs are two of Celine´s non-album singles.
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"Listen to the magic man" is the English version of the song titled "Dans la main d´un magicien" (meaning "In the hand of a magic man"). Both songs were released as the first singles from the movie soundtrack titled "Opération Beurre De Pinottes", also known as "Penaut Butter Solution" (in English). Celine did her first real music video for the English song, "Listen to the magic man" (1985). "Listen to the magic man" is also notable for being Celine´s first English-language song recorded in the studio. "The Peanut Butter Solution" or "Opération Beurre De Pinottes" soundtrack album includes both versions as well as two other Celine recordings: "La ballade de Michel" and its English-language counterpart "Michael´s song". Neither the French or English version of the song were included on any of Celine´s albums. There were no music video made for these songs.
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Canadian 7" Single
1. "Dans la main d´un magicien"
2. "CUE 17 à instrumental" [ Instrumental by Lewis Furey ]
Canadian 7" Single
1. "Listen to the magic man"
2. "Michael´s song"
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The music video features Celine singing the song and some scenes from the movie "The Peanut Butter Solution". This is Celine´s first real music video.
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