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Unison [ video ]

"Unison" is Celine Dion´s first home video, released on VHS on July 2, 1991.
...> About The Video
"Unison" home video includes the music videos from Celine´s English debut album called "Unison". This collection features never before used version of "Calling you", previously unreleased version of Celine´s breakthrough hit "Where does my heart beat now" (Canadian black-and-white version mixed with the U.S. performance version), plus exclusive interviews with Celine Dion at her home. Three videos: "Délivre-moi", "Have a heart" and "Calling you" were filmed during the "Unison Tour" at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, Canada, and later shown in the 1991 MusiMax TV special. In the United States, the U.S. version of "(If there was) Any other way" from 1991 was included; in Canada, the Canadian version from 1990. This VHS was made in both English and in French. The two contain similar interviews conducted in both languages. This video collection hasn´t been released on DVD.
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...> Track Listing
1. "Where does my heart beat now" [ special version ]
2. "(If there was) Any other way"
3. "The last to know"
4. "Délivre-moi" [ live ]
5. "Have a heart" [ live ]
6. "Calling you" [ live ]
7. "Unison" [ single mix featuring Frankie Fudge ]
...Chart Success
"Unison" home video was certified gold in Canada for selling over 50,000 copies.
...> Critical Reception
According to Mark Deming from All Movie Guide Review, Celine was already a pop star in her native Canada when, in 1990, she made a bid for the American audience with her first album in English, "Unison". This corresponding home video features four music videos and three live performances which visualize songs from Celine´s first international success. Selections include "Where does my heart beat now", "Calling you", "(If there was) Any other way" and four others. Celine´ "Unison" also features exclusive interview footage in which Celine discusses her life and music.
Cover Edition/Title Description
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Cover Edition/Title Description
Photobucket "Unison By Emotional Voice Of Celine Dion" Box Set It´s a stunning Japanese promotional box set released in 1990, which contains 1-track "Where does my heart beat now" (UK Version) video, 3 tracks 3" Japanese CD single, housed inside an envelope attached to insideof box lid plus a 12-page colour Japanese booklet. All housed inside a unique custom embossed box.
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