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Incognito Tournée [ general ]

Starting on January 11, 1988, Celine Dion´s "Incognito Tournée" (meaning "Incognito Tour") was a concert tour organized to support the album "Incognito", released on April 2, 1987.
...> About The Tour
Celine toured the province of Quebec, Canada only. With this tour, Celine gave 75 shows in Quebec. Although, according to other sources Celine gave more than 150 concerts. The "Incognito Tournée" started on January 11, 1988 at the Theatre du Cuivre in Rouyn-Noranda, a city on Osisko Lake in northwestern Quebec. Celine seven concerts in the northern region of Quebec and two in Laval. Celine gave a series of 42 consecutive shows at the Saint-Denis Theatre in Montreal. She performed there for a month starting on February 10, 1988, and later between April 12-17, 1988, June 14-19, 1988, September 21-24, 1988 and December 14-18, 1988. Celine performed mainly tracks from the album "Incognito", but also a medley of songs from the musical Starmania, "Ton visage" (Jean-Pierre Ferland´s cover) and she did imitations of Michael Jackson, Mireille Mathieu, Ginette Reno and Diane Dufresne. During this tour she lost her voice for the first time. On May 2, 1989, year after winning Eurovision Song Contest with "Ne partez pas sans moi", Celine gave her first concert in Switzerland. She performed at the Theatre de Baulieu in Lausanne. In reference to this tour Celine has said "the memories that first come to mind when I think of the Incognito tour are filled with fits of laughter. From the beginning, in Abitibi, just like the preceding tour, we all knew that we had a good product. And an audience that had been conquered in advance" (extract from the book "My Story, My Dream").
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...> Broadcasts And Recordings
Parts of this tour were shown during a TV special titled "Celine Dion: Incognito En Spectacle Et En Coulisses", aired only on Canadian television in 1988. The TV special includes performances at the Saint-Denis Theatre in Montreal of the songs: "Le blues du businessman", "That´s what friends are for", "Ton visage" and "Comme un coeur froid", "Carmen". Footage from a perfomance of the song "Bad" (by Michael Jackson) taken from this tour, was aired on several TV documentaries about Celine.
...> Songs Set List
1. "That´s what friends are for"
2. "Comme un cœur froid"
3. "Carmen"
4. "Ton visage"
5. "Love by another name"
6. Medley Starmania:
----1. "Quand on arrive en ville"
----2. "Les uns contre les autres"
----3. "Le monde est stone"
----4. "Naziland, ce soir on danse"
7. "Incognito"
8. "Délivre-moi"
9. "Lolita (trop jeune pour aimer)"
10. "D´abord, c´est quoi l´amour?"
11. "Ne partez pas sans moi"
...> Additional Notes
The set list also included many covers as "Le blues du businessman", "That´s what friends are for", "Bad" dressed as Michael Jackson, "Je ne suis qu´une chanson" dressed as Ginette Reno, "La danse des canards" dressed as Mireille Mathieu, "I´m so excited" and many others.
...> Promotion
...> On Backstage
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...> On Rehearsals
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For this tour, was distributed a little tour programme only in Quebec, Canada and totally in French. Actually, it was a brochure. There were only few copies available. The brochure, totally in black and white, contains four pages with information about the tour personnel and four small pictures from the concerts, plus the cover photo.
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